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Final Fantasy Type-0 localization confirmed

Despite topping Japanese sales charts, Final Fantasy Type-0 has always been in an awkward position when it comes to getting a localization. The Vita is only a few months away, and Type-0 is a PSP game with no US release date. Worse yet, every "confirmation" of it being localized has turned out to be false. All that changes now, as an overseas version has finally been confirmed.

In truth, this is no great surprise. It's a very popular game in a very popular franchise. Even so, the timing of its release wasn't favorable, leading some to be a bit worried about its future. Thankfully, the release of Final Fantasy Type-0's Ultimania guide has cleared everything up.

The Ultimania guides are companion books that Square Enix puts out for seemingly every major release, including everything from Vagrant Story to Kingdom Hearts. They include expanded information about the stories and settings of their respective games and, most important to this discussion, interviews with the developers.

Type-0's Ultimania guide includes a staff interview with Nomura, Kitase, and Tabata, and it is there that the overseas version is confirmed. For now, that's all we know. More information will likely surface as the interview is translated into English and Square Enix makes an official US localization announcement.

Depending on how far along the overseas version has progressed already, we will likely see Type-0 reach American audiences some time after the Vita's release. In that case, one wonders if we'll see a downloadable version of the two UMD game for Vita owners at the same time.

Either way, Final Fantasy fans should rejoice. Type-0's reception has been extremely positive, even taking into account that it is a Final Fantasy game. This is one spin-off they won't want to miss.

Reported by Skyler Bunderson



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