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Miyamoto Interested in Link to the Past-style Zelda in 3D

With a 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time already on the market and with high demand for a similar remake of Majora's Mask, three Zelda games already availble on the 3DS Virtual Console (two currently exclusively for participants in the Ambassador Program), and news of a brand new Zelda already in the works for 3DS, the system has become a nifty little device for fans of the series.

You may remember earlier this year, when Nintendo legend and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto expressed interest in a 3D remake of Link to the Past, saying "Do you remember Xevious? It's two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link To The Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me."

Apparently that idea hasn't fizzled out, according to Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma. "Well actually, even Mr. Miyamoto himself has been talking recently about going back to the 2D Zelda games," he said, in a Games Radar interview. "In particular the ones that were designed with multiple levels to the world like A Link to the Past, and taking those 2D graphics and recreating them in 3D so that you could get a sense for the depth of those worlds. That's something that might be interesting to do, so I would say there might be a possibility of something like that in the future."

The last Link to the Past-style Legend of Zelda was Minish Cap for the Game Boy Advance way back in 2004. Perhaps that style is due for a comeback.

Reported by Rhody Tobin



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