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Paris thieves hijack trucks carrying Modern Warfare 3

If you're a truck driver, you're probably thinking about which exit you need to take to reach the next truck stop or supermarket with convenient parking. 18 wheels is a lot of wheels. You're almost certainly not considering what you'd do if a group of thieves held guns on you and demanded that you surrender your cargo and possibly your vehicle.

That scenario played out in Paris, though, and it happened not once but twice. According to a New York Post article, total cargo stolen exceeded a street value of $1 million (around €780,000).

The first robbery began when a truck was struck by a vehicle. The drivers (plural) got out of the truck to inspect the damage and at that point they were accosted by men who brandished knives and--here's the best part--chucked containers of tear gas. When the robbery was finished, the two drivers were short one truck and a bunch of copies of Modern Warfare 3.

Within an hour, another truck driver was tooling along when suddenly he noticed a vehicle blocking the road ahead of him. He stopped, of course, and three men appeared. One of them pointed a gun at the driver, who fled the scene because even a truck full of Modern Warfare 3 isn't worth someone's life. He couldn't be sure that the thieves shared that sentiment.

Modern Warfare 3 releases very soon, or it wouldn't be on its way to stores. Given the timing of the attacks, it seems likely that the drivers knew what was on board and were going for the game specifically, perhaps with hopes to sell advance copies to a gaming public that is happy to get what it wants a few days ahead of time. I think I'll just wait until it reaches shelves the normal way.

Reported by Jason Venter



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