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Katamari Damacy coming to PSN

Katamari Damacy is the very definition of a cult title. Japanese, madder than a bag of spanners, and subject to limited release. Now Namco is giving PS3 owners the chance to relive the insanity, though only in Japan. For now, at least.

According to Siliconera the original Katamari Damacy will be available on the Japanese PlayStation Network as a PS2 classic from November 21st. It’ll cost 1,200 yen (about $15).

Katamari’s gameplay is difficult to describe to the uninitiated. After The King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys the stars and the moon, it’s up to his son to rebuild them. He does this by rolling a sticky ball (a katamari) around a level, collecting items as small as safety pins or as big as mountains, until the ball is big enough to form a star.

The game was enormously popular, spawning six sequels across various Sony consoles, most recently Touch My Katamari on the PlayStation Vita. However, the original Katamari Damacy did not see a release in all territories. Although there is no word on a PSN release outside of Japan, it would be the ideal way to bring the craziness to those who missed out first time around.

Reported by David Owen



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