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PETA parodies Pokemon, but it's not very effective...

Once again, PETA has released a parody of a popular game franchise in an effort to raise animal abuse awareness. The group behind Super Tofu Boy and Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals has now set its sights on Pokemon.

In Pokemon Black and Blue, the enslaved pocket monsters like Pikachu and Tepig have decided enough is enough. They stop fighting each other and focus on reclaiming their freedom from the trainers who have captured them and forced them to fight for years. This would actually be kind of thought-provoking if the same issues weren't already dealt with in Pokemon Black and White. The point they're making is further diluted by the violent images displayed in their game. The things pokemon in Black and Blue do are way worse than anything I've ever forced one to do in the games. I've never seen a pokemon bleed.

Black and Blue is actually kind of impressive at first. It's pretty enough for a Flash game, and the visuals mimic the actual Pokemon games quite well. It's almost fun until you get to the videos of real animals being abused. Real subtle, PETA.

You can play the overly melodramatic game at PETA's website.

Reported by Matthew Jay



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