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Love Legos? Love Lord of the Rings? Well, LEGO: Lord of the RIngs comes out October 30th!

LEGO Lord of the Rings assetThe LEGO franchise has offered quite a few fun-filled games for many different intellectual properties over the years. The random humor and 4th-wall bending realization that these are actually LEGOs you are playing as has really piqued the interest for a consistently best-selling group of games.

One thing that struck me as I watched the recently released 2nd Developer's Diary was that this game actually has the characters speaking. I really wonder about the cost of Harrison Ford's likeness for LEGO Indiana Jones versus the thrifty cost of the LoTR trilogy.

In any case, of note in this developer diary is a smattering of details. The animators said that each of the 80-something playable characters has over 40 face animations. Also, each character can carry up to 9 items and those items can all have different powers. I can only hope that the collection of those items is not that tedious!

Look out for LEGO Lord of the Rings coming to almost every system you can imagine on October 30th, 2012. This game allows players to travel with the ring all the way from Underhill to Mount Doom so players don't have to worry about purchasing different games for each book like many of the other Lord of the Rings games have done.

For all developer blogs and discussions about the details of the game, you can visit the world of Lord of the Rings in LEGO form at the LEGO Website.

Reported by Nick LaLone



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