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Mass Effect 3 Wii U will also include From Ashes DLC

The Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 will include the From Ashes downloadable content right out of the box, according to Nintendo, making it two pieces of content included on-disc for the Wii U "launch window" title that were originally downloads.

From Ashes was available as a download at launch for Mass Effect 3 owners; it was free for special or deluxe edition buyers or $10 for us normies. It'll join the Extended Cut DLC, which "fixed" ME3's original ending by adding more cut scenes and dialogue, on the Wii U's disc.

From Ashes allows players to visit Eden Prime in an attempt to stop Cerberus from recovering a Prothean artifact. While on that mission, the last surviving Prothean permanently joins Commander Shepard's crew, adding a powerful ally to use at your leisure during your fight against the Reapers. The DLC also adds the Prothean Beam Rifle to the Normandy crew's arsenal, as well as new outfits for all squad members.

No specific release date has been offered yet for ME3 on Wii U, though Nintendo did confirm, as previously mentioned, that it is indeed a "launch window" title for the console. That window? It's open between the system's launch on Nov. 18 and March 2013. Of course, we'll be sending out some Adept scout teams to look out for a more detailed release date. We'll keep you posted.

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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