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Here's what most people's choices were in The Walking Dead: Episode 1

The second episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead game is finally out today on XBLA (and will be hitting PSN and PC on Friday) after more than two months of waiting. To celebrate, they've released a video showing which choices were popular among players. (Choice are basically the point of the game.)

The video shows pretty much every choice you can make, including ones absent from the graph that appears when you finish the episode for the first time. A few results may be surprising. Obviously, everything below this point in this article is a massive spoiler for Episode 1, so consider yourself warned.

The first difficult choice the player is faced with is whether to save Herschel's son Shawn or Kenny's son Duck when zombies attack the farm. Even though Shawn's fate is basically sealed by the comics, 48% of players still tried to save him, and 49% tried to save Duck. 3% just stood there like morons.

In the scene where Larry is being a jerk and threatening to kill Duck because he just assumes he's infected, 57% of players decided to side with him over Kenny. This is somewhat surprising, though simply trying to keep everyone calm seems to indicate to the game that you're trying to side with Larry.

When Caroline asks what will happen if her parents return to her house and find her missing, 90% of players were sweet enough to give the poor girl some hope, answering "They'll find us." 10% answered "They won't find us" because they're apparently horrible people.

Finally and totally unsurprisingly, 75% of players chose to save Carley and let Doug die. It's almost as though players would rather have interesting characters survive than boring ones.

There are plenty more results in the video, so check it out if you're interested. Episode 2 is currently available on XBLA. PC and PS3 gamers will have to wait until Friday.

Reported by Rhody Tobin



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