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Halo 4 lands on shelves Nov. 6

November 6.

Yes, that's Halo 4's release date, according to Halo Waypoint. But it's not just some arbitrary date.

"That was the day the Master Chief found a weapon, a parched Grunt stumbled upon the starship, and Staff Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson discovered the answer to one of life’s most perplexing questions," wrote Waypoint's Bs Angel.

I wouldn't be an HonestGamer if I told you I knew what that is exactly referencing, but the important thing here is we have a release date for Halo 4. Players will finally step back into the shoes of Master Chief as the story picks up where Halo 3 left off: with our protagonist careening toward a Forerunner planet while taking a little cryogenic nap.

I'm assuming he wakes up in time for Halo 4's crash landing on shelves this November.

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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