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Capcom/Namco/Sega crossover game is Project X Zone

The fog is beginning to lift on the mysterious Capcom/Namco/Sega crossover game that's been teased recently. We finally have a name and a genre: Project X Zone, a strategy RPG for the 3DS.

The game includes characters from various games from each publisher, and they generally (but not always) come in pairs. More characters will be announced as the game's release comes closer, and the game will include some hidden characters, but a few have been revealed already.

On Capcom's side are Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, X and Zero from Mega Man X, Demitri and Dante from Darkstalkers and Devil May Cry, and Chris and Jill from Resident Evil. Representing Sega are Shinguji Sakura and Ogami Ichiro from Sakura Wars, Pai and Akira from Virtua Fighter, Kurt and Riela from Valkyria Chronicles, and Ulala and Touma from Space Channel 5 and Shining Force EXA. Finally, Namco is bringing Sanger Somvold from Super Robot Wars, Jin and Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken, Kos-Mos and T-elos from Xenosaga, Yurie and Estel from Tales of Vesperia, and Kaito and Black Rose from .hack.

As a crossover SRPG, it's difficult not to compare it to Namco X Capcom, but it's not a sequel, at least not officially. Project X Zone is planned for release in Japan this year, and maybe never everywhere else.

Reported by Rhody Tobin



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