Because I promised one more Top 10 list... (response to bluberry)
May 14, 2008

Top 10 reasons why lustercut makes me want to kill somebody?

10. Because lust is a sin
9. Because "cut" has injurious connotations
8. Because "lustercut" is such a dumb name
7. Because I said it'll kick your ass, and it will
6. Because you can't take it like a man
5. Because it's programmed to make you feel like killing things
4. Because it rips up your ass
3. Because anything which touches your ass deserves to die
2. Except your woman, but then the lust ain't a woman
1. And even if it was a woman, it still shouldn't be slamming something sharp up your ass

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bluberry bluberry - May 17, 2008 (12:02 AM)
good man. I'm surprised one of the reasons isn't an "I almost SS-ranked mission __ on DMD until it hit me", though.

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