Coming Soon: AC: Odyssey review
October 05, 2018

With such an expansive game, more open-world than ever, I'm gonna need to give it a few dozen hours before I can formulate a proper review. So here's a random bout of first impressions:

Feels a lot like Origins, with several improvements. The combat is a lot more active. In Origins, I never parried. I just dodged and then dove back in, almost exclusively with heavy attacks. Can't quite do that in Ody, light attacks are good for chains, heavy attacks stagger shields, and parrying is damn near required to find an opening against tougher enemies.

More open-world feel, but still level gated zones. Enemies level with you anyway, so this feels pointless.

Leveling is very, very slow. On the reddit discord, some talk about having 55 hours and still in their 40's (50 is cap I believe, until DLC).

Ship combat is a lot more light than Black Flag's, visceral cannons and mortars. You basically just have arrows and javelins and basically nothing else, though ramming is a lot more relevant here.

The merc system feels a lot like Shadow of Mordor, even can get ambushed by several if your bounty level gets out of hand. They can be killed and replaced, are are pretty much a constant stream of epic gear if you let yourself run around with a couple bounties on you.

Overall, it's good. If you played and liked Origins, it's mostly the same but with a lot more content including daily and weekly quests. Slower paced, but a lot to do.
If you didn't like Origins and wish for the days with more classic Templar/Assassin lore, then you'll be at a further loss here. There's a Templar-like cult bent on world domination but they're not quite the Templars, nor are they even the predecessors. They're just kinda... here.

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