Current Activities in Gaming #208
November 30, 2017

Well itís been a hot minute since Iíve done one of these. Few weeks, really. Destiny 2 was released but Iíve played more than just that since then, even posted a couple of galleries on my characterís level progress. All three are in their 288′s and 289′s (depending on PvE/PvP sets), with my warlock bringing up the rear at 286/287ish. I actually havenít played seriously in few days while watching The Punisher, playing AC: Origins and then The Steam Autumn sale hit so I got a few things there. Let me try to do a lightning round of my recent gaming ventures without getting too rambly.

AC:O is fine. I beat the game at level 38 and find it hard pressed to find anything else to actually do. Iím sure thereís several skipped sidequests, a few strongholds gone undiscovered and unmolested by knives and otherwise many landmarks and hunting opportunities considering not all of my gear is maxed out (just the particular stuff relevant to my playstyle). Itís a shame because I did end up unlocking that badass outfit for killing all those secret service duders. I want to play more of it but theyíre going to have to offer more than those giant gods to keep me interested. I need some kind of post-plotline about Bayek installing his own Egyptian assassin bureau. Something more interesting than ďhereís an extra missionĒ.

Iíve gotten back into Starcraft 2 Co-Op, as I tend to do when a new commander is released. Han/Horner plays a bitÖ oddly. You can build these starships that act as flying offensive barracks than can spit out reapers and firebats and shit while also dealing with the very expensive but powerful flying units that Horner offers, akin to Novaís elite stuff. There is a bit of a learning curve to balance the two around as most of my early game is based around spamming hanís reapers, which are like squishier and shittier marines that canít hit air unless you upgrade a temporary ability to do so. So plenty of micro management for those who are into that kind of thing.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks, plays, and functions exactly as its predecessor did so I might have just wasted twelve dollars on it. Itís not a bad game by any means but I never beat Human Revolution because the story and overall ďfeelĒ of the game didnít hold me over like, say, Dishonored does. Itís in the stealth genre but itís incredibly clunky and relies too much on airvents. Other reviews have stated you can ďplay your wayĒ around brilliantly designed encounters but in truth it amounts to two and a half ways: Shoot, Sneak, or if they had enough foresight to make it work, Talk. Ultimately itís just sneak around and just throw vending machines at people when that inevitably fails.

I enjoy Kingdoms and Castles, a pixellated city builder based in medieval fantasy type settings. It is not of course as intuitive as Cities: Skylines (though thatís a high bar these days) as I constantly run into problems that arenít as easily fixed due to resource constraints and requirements. You have to manage yearly food outputs, wood, stone, various ores, etc. In Skylines your only resource is money. Thatís it. JustÖ money.

I went ahead and bought Alien: Isolation. Itís installed but IímÖ scared of it. Iíll get there.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is also fine. Like AC:Origins fine. It doesnít quite capture the same magic the first one did and I donít just mean that literally, lacking the time travel aspects. I love watching Chloeís journey but knowing where it all ends kind of negates the potential emotional sting it would otherwise have. I almost feel as though it should have come first and her showing up as a major character later would have just been icing on the cake, and might have allowed players to be more patient with her personality type.

So thereís my Current Activities lightning round.

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