Current Activities in Gaming #207
November 02, 2017

So I ran into a neat thing literal minutes before Destiny 2′s servers unlocked for PC. I was playing Cities Skylines to kill some time and something fun happened. First Typhoon! And it was incredibly terrifying.

So let me set the story up.

I typically play with a lot of mods. One of them even came with the vanilla game, unlimited money. I just like having the freedom to make my city how I want it to look, because you canít really make those perfect circles right out of the gate. I think this is notable because after getting the Disasters DLC I typically find the panel and plop every detection thing I possibly can. I essentially lined the entire ocean with about seven typhoon buoys. I usually put two of those big censor things and usually four emergency shelters (the big ones hold up to ten thousand people allegedly). My cities donít tend to go much higher than 50k anyway except that one magical time I made it to 70k somehow. At 50k+ I figure I basically beat my usual goal and move on to a different map and design idea, though I am still determined to make a good, full circle city. Something I failed in the link above.

Anyway, so far with that DLC Iíve had a handful of harmless disasters across multiple maps and cities. One time I had a tornado that clipped the very edge of my farmland, easy fix. Another one harmlessly spawned in the ocean and moved away. Iíve had two sinkholes in the middle of nowhere and I had an earthquake that made a tiny valley in the mountains which again, was also uninhabited.

Then I got a Typhoon alert.

I typically gravitate towards coastal towns. I like the way they look. A coastal town was my very first foray into the game itself.
I thought I could prepare. I sent everyone to evacuation centers and hoped for the best, but there was nothing I could do. I watched in cinematic cameras and first person modeÖ watched helplessly as I watched the water flow right through all of my buildings.

After a couple minutes of watching this horror show, the typhoon ultimately engulfed my entire city. Every service I had eventually fell. Power lines were shut out, medical centers got cut down. Funny enough, the Ďbigí emergency shelter you have access to was the absolute farthest away from the coast as my city reached but the typhoon gave zero fucks as it cut power and rendered that fact utterly useless. I just had to watch the sea of ďproblemĒ icons pop up. Including sewage. THE SEWAGE.

My original plan was to just wait it out and let my emergency services repair and recover as needed, since I read somewhere that they do rebuild over time. At this point however, there was no point. It was a game ender.

This city peaked at around 12,000 population. It fluctuated during the flood but it was a constant sink. By the screenshot above, I had a pittance of 200 people. There was no rebuilding from that, even with my unlimited money. Sure, I could have reconnected power lines, build some hospitals and let my emergency services bring everything back but there was no point. Destiny 2 launched minutes after this horror show and I just gave up.

I will be returning to the game shortly as Destiny 2 is undergoing a four hour maintenance. I will be revisiting my circular town and hoping I can make it past 30k and try to fill in the whole circle rather than that incomplete mess I had last time.

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