Current Activities in Gaming #206
October 21, 2017

Gonna talk about a few things here this time, will try to keep some of it brief but you people know how I ramble.

Firstly; Taking a sort of break from Shadow of War. I do want to play more of it but a couple things are holding me back as well as a couple of petty irritations. Firstly, Iím too terrified of the Balrog and I havenít even attempted those missions yet. Secondly, I cannot defeat Helm Hammerdude (one of the ex-kingly Nazgul duders). His boss fight is insane with constantly respawning drakes that I canít seem to mount (I have the skill, my Talion is level 34 or something). So between drakes that take about three shots to kill (I only have nine shots) and a Nazgul who kicks plenty of ass on his own the fight is just impossible. I have every skill and every relevant addon to my personal playstyle (Iím working on expanding my various poison/frost/fire addons so I can adjust on the fly against captains), I just canít beat this fucker. He tanks my wrath meter and I canít hit him enough to earn an execute so Iím just stuck with basic bitch-ass flurries for attacks. Itís insane.
Iím not even sure the mission is ďrequiredĒ as far as the main story goes since itís in that elf ladyís plotline but still. Fuck that mission.

Iíll play more but I need to cool down for a while from my fear of that shit and itís three days tilí destiny, so.

I got back into Cities Skylines but I fear I might be looking at a complete reinstall or, more accurately, a complete wipe of my workshop items. The game takes 20 or so minutes to load while tanking my computerís bandwidth into oblivion where it becomes practically unuseable and Iím mostly just stuck with basic idle/clickers on Steam (which they themselves hiccup and lock up while waiting for Skylines in the background) and Youtube basically just vomits on itself when waiting, too. So thatís out.

Before I did though, I finally discovered a cool thing I could do with some of the intersections I had downloaded. Yísee, Iíve always loved making a perfectly circular city. Hereís a much earlier shot that predates most or all of the DLC;

Looks great, even a steam friend noted how it was one of the coolest screenshots of the game he had seen at the time.

Well, I figured out how to make it look even better with some different modules;

I took a circular module and then started planting a sort of odd-angular one at intervals that werenít even part of the same package.

As you can see it didnít all connect quite so evenly but it looked good enough for me, overall. It was gorgeous once it started to expand, too;

Unfortunately expansion stopped at the 30,000 mark which is my usual trouble area. I even tried not to over-educate my industrial area (some farmland you can see up top there). I did expand a bit more than the above screenshot (which was around 20,000 I believe) but some 20% of the circle went unfilled which was a crying shame.

Iím looking into unsubbing from the 108 pages of workshop items I have and starting from scratch. I will do what I usually do and utilize the ďmost popularĒ lists for a few things, and continue to look up good intersection modules which is one of my favorite things because I suck at roads. Iím not an engineer.

Anyway while I work on that, one word on Ghost Recon Wildlands before I think up a proper first impressions post, but I wonít write up a real review until I get a group of friends to play it with me because I feel itís paramount to the experience.

I didnít enjoy the open beta. The graphics ducked in an out and roads turned into muddy messes for a while and the vehicle controls were abysmal. Now, the graphics were fixed but the controls were not and I despise driving in the game.

The gunplay and stealth are the best parts of the game but it does lead to ďwtfĒ moments sometimes.

Frankly the expansive waste of space irritates me. The game does a good job giving you fast travel points without too much of a fuss to unlock them (just find them) but so much of my gameplay has just been driving to the point where I prioritize finding a helicopter as soon as possible.

Thatís mostly it. When action happens it feels good, it just has some niggling issues that wonít really go away.

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