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October 08, 2017

Note: Pretty hefty on Act 2 spoilers on this post, though I do try to be vague and not name names.

So I discovered playing as an Undead doesnít really change much except for neat dialog, like anything else in the tagging system. At worst, changing gear in the middle of a town might ensure some shenanigans (and by that I mean instant combat between you, several vendors and magisters) but I donít find myself changing gear all that often. Even with Fane, my go-to healer, I just double click to replace gear and he never spends a second Ďoutí of any equipment so Iím not sure why some steam user warned me of that. Why does anyone take anything off, ever?

For the record, I still havenít fucking gotten past Act 2. Not a difficulty thing, but itís just that mods donít typically play nice with existing saves and both of my ďmainĒ characters, both rogueish in nature (a human and an undead, the latter of whom is up one difficulty level) are part of a broken Lady Vengeance. I basically canít enter it at all anymore, which is problematic because I have a mod with an infinite soul jar that drops two globs at a time and itís great for refilling my party, especially once I get up to 3 source modules.

Yes, I know Meistr Lizzer has one in her house but itís one of the ďnormalĒ ones that only drops one at a time and with an irritating cooldown so it takes a while to refill my party, but Iím going to have to resort to that. I just hope thereís nothing too important on the Lady Vengeance itself (herself?) because that will absolutely break my game if it does.

I still want to get to Arx and meet back up with Butters, and hope it doesnít necessarily interrupt a romance with an actual party member. It might, or Butters might be ready to ambush me, she did seem quick to fall for those shitty pickup lines.

The farthest Iíve been is assassinating that demon lizzer (Iím not sure what allowing him to live accomplishes, I think two different origin characters want/need him dead) after usually giving me that third source module. I usually just full clear the island, help Lohseís plot along and then get sent back to the island forÖ something. Thatís really where Iím stuck on my human rogue because Iím not sure what it wants me to do after that. Find some dudeís name? I found that archive place but there wasnít much there for me except another teleporting pyramid, and even with that thing I donít have much use for more than two since it carries the entire party.

Beyond that, I discovered that classic mode is a lot less forgiving and were it not for a certain cheaty mod that I use primarily for extra attribute pointsÖ It would have wiped the floor with me. That lone wolf fight was insane and Iím not sure how a party of four (again, Iím modded for six) would even survive that on classic mode. My people were level 10 and they were all 14, and I didnít even have the best gear. I survived with that wolf armor alone and I later went and gave everyone like ten extra constitution points (donít judge me, I play my way) to catch up to the stats of the enemies I was facing. Most of my non-rigged people were in the range of 500/300/300 (Vitality and armors) while I was facing enemies with a thousand of each. Could barely get through their physical armor.
As it stands I might be looking at yet another reroll for my undead, except back on explorer difficulty. Weíll see.

For now, I have a ton of morning shifts at work so Iím only getting a handful of gaming hours per day. Sooner or later I want to make a proper push past Act 2 and experience more of the game proper. As it stands the Lady Vengeance glitch (which google tells me is not a mod issue) breaks the game for me since I canít access storage, that source jar, or even the respec mirror. Itís all quite the pain in the ass, truly.

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