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October 08, 2017

Iíve sort of settled on a certain playstyle. Apparently physical damage is the sort of meta. I tried to make a balanced team of a couple casters, two rangers and two warrior types (modding allows for six person teams) and the game was a little tougher because my casters only ever hit magic armor while the other three or four physical damagers would take out enemies left and right. Meanwhile caster cooldowns are typically higher and they donít have much of an autoattack to fall back on once they cast all relevant spells.

To mitigate that kind of thing, I want to learn how to mod my own items. I recently downloaded the Wolf Armor, and itís awesome. Itís very OP up until halfway into Act 2. By the time I map most of the relevant areas, most of my other teammates are up to par. The armor allows you to start with 7 AP and stuff. Hereís what she looked like at level 6;

I donít use bows on my main character and using that bow that the mod includes WILL absolutely clean up entire fights all the way til halfway into act 2, as stated. When enemies start getting around 900 hitpoints and 600 physical armor, it stops oneshotting. And this is on Explorer mode so the bowís power might get underpowered in act 2 somewhere.
Notice her damage is still pretty normal so she wasnít oneshotting anyone.

Still, incredibly helpful for some of us casuals. Thing is, I want a similar set for most my classes and then maybe up the difficulty a step or two, largely so I can make my casters more viable.

As for the wolf set, the mod adds two of the outfits in different locations and Iím just very happy to have it.

So far Iíve yet to even beat Act 2 with like 40+ hours because Iíve just been testing out different builds and team compositions but itís gotten to the point where I can blow through Act 1 pretty quickly, like I mentioned in the last post.

Will be back on it after Iím done with some Overwatch with my pals.

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