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September 29, 2017

Thereís a lot to say about Divinity 2 that it would almost deserve itís own CA series but after a couple bouts in Act 1 and maybe a half dozen rerolls, Iím quite Ďoverí the first hour or two of the game. I mostly just make a beeline for all my companions (I have a mod that allows a party of 6 instead of 4), nab that Hero tag from the Murderous Gheist sidequest, do the Arena and then typically just break into the dungeon after that, cleaning up all the boss fights as I go.

So I understand that playing one of the Origin characters makes the game more interesting than some but I have to be honest, I donít much like Sebille and I have a problem with Lohseís arc, and I canít quite put my finger on it. I donít much like the Jester tag, I understand the need for levity in certain situations but the game has plenty of it. Thereís also the fact that she caused combat where it neednít be, killing a very innocent elf in the first act that I would have preferred to keep alive for no other reason than Iím not exactly going for a full genocide run (and probably never will). So that her inner demon is causing problems, Iíd rather have her as a party member than a PC.

So for now Iím just going with a generic soldier/outlaw Nightblade.

However Iíve recently rerolled my ďmainĒ (who was previously Lohse in Nightblade form), largely because of how my teammates were set up. I know you can respec but that only does so much and doesnít account for the gear they may already have. I could remake the Red Prince as a Ranger but he was still stuck with his sword/shield and strength gear.

At first I wanted to experience the game Ďas intendedí and didnít have the knowledge of each class, their skills, and how they function in practice. I was letting my companions join in on their defaults and quite frankly, that didnít work out except for Ifan who is a monster of a Wayfarer and is usually my hardest hitting other than my PC, so I always keep him thus.

However, Sebille as a rogue was redundant for my party, Beast as a battlemade was irritating and the Red Prince as a fighter was just so. Their problems were that all three of those folks were the LAST ones in the fight which was the goddamn opposite for what I needed them to be. So for now I only want the one fighter, preferably with that battle jump skill.
Making my party thus: Myself as the rogue/nightblade hybrid, two ranged characters, one warrior and a healer support/mage type (which is usually Fane but could also be Lohse). Weíll see, since I just rerolled this morning before work.

So for future games, including my current, Iím retooling every party member I get from the ground up, when applicable. Red Prince becomes a ranger, Fane becomes a healer, and Beast becomes a fighter which is his usual thing anyway but I didnít like the battlemageís abilities. At least for the early game.

My build is probably as refined as itís going to get, so hopefully it will lead to a more interesting game.

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