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September 10, 2017

I have more or less quit BDO. As expected, it had no staying power and could not find any consistent roleplaying partners or communities to hold me there. I also acquired a bout of frustration when I discovered that the value pack dyes will actually degrade your armor to default colors once the 30 day pack itself runs out. So dyeing is basically pointless, and acquiring them is another stupid, convoluted process like everything else in that goddamn game.

I spent way too much money on BDO.


Anyway, hereís a roundup of first impressions on some recent games Iíve been playing.

Destiny 2′s beta was underwhelming but thatís to be expected given they gave me fuck all for content. You get the opening mission, one strike (dungeon/instance type thing) and one PvP map. Did more PvP than anything and like any other game, it was very hit or miss. Some went good, some went bad. Like other games I play, if I can maintain a 50% winrate Iíll probably be content.

Iíve been watching an LP of it (since console players have it for two months before I do) and it looks a lot more fun. Iím interested in the actual leveling/gearing aspect of the game which the beta had absolutely none of. I wanted to feel the world but they basically just gave you PvP.

Iíve already invested 90$ into it so it better be fucking passable at least.

Next we have Absolver, a game that could be compared to an indie-bound For Honor but with some slightly different mechanics. In FH, stances were mostly where you were blocking and attacking from, while in Absolver your stances manipulate your attacks. Thereís a whole combat deck thing I canít even begin to comprehend and for a 30$ game (which is nothing to sneeze at for middle to lower class paydays), I wish I was better at it. It has a fairly active discord so hopefully Iíll acquire a mentor or seven to help me figure out how to actually play it. As it stands, I just run around crushing basic bitch ass NPCís because theyíre the only things I can actually kill when black trenchcoat wielding assholes arenít ganking me for no reason (because thatís a thing).

Next we have Insurgency, as it was on sale for 1$ on ďHumble starsĒ. Like humble bundle but different. Either way for what is normally a 10$ game itÖ shows. I find it to be a more active CS:GO. It has more modes and more to do on it in general, with a bit of a Rainbow Six Siege influence in there somehow. Pretty basic ironsight shooter that controls a bit more sluggish than others in its genre, but is solid if you can nab it on sale. Fairly active community too, not too hard to find servers to join.

No Manís Sky: Did about an hour of it and I donít see what the big fuss is about. Before or after improvements, of which I have no basis of comparison. I spent most of that hour dying, and when I wasnít dying I was staring at slightly relevant rocks and using a weak mining drill that constantly overheated or something. I eventually found a nice middleground of getting enough resources to survive but I find myself without much to do. Itís not like Minecraft, I canít just craft my way out of things because everything I do is based around my two survival meters, where I die when one or both run out. Iím not sure how to actually play and itís just begging for a real co-op option so I can get help to figure out what the fuck Iím supposed to be doing.

Antihero: A flash-like game that I wish I liked more than I do. I was expecting something like a thieves guild simulator but what I got instead is essentially a board game. Indeed, I was very bored for the 17 minutes I played, and even lost a match because the enemy got more tokens than I did somehow. I should not be failing tutorials and when that happens, I lose morale. When I lose morale, I stop having fun. When I donít have fun; I donít play the game. The same problem Iím running into with Absolver, basically.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (ep 1).
Yea, itís fine. Wish the music grabbed me more than it does but itís along the same lines as the last game. I donít like the idea of being attached to doomed characters but Iíll be along for the ride all the same.

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