Current Activities in Gaming #195
August 03, 2017

With the loss of my main computer, my gaming activity has been consistent but limited. On my own motherís laptop Iíve installed Hand of Fate, Darkest Dungeon, CS:GO and a couple others, but those are the only three of note. This little thing is fairly impressive, because it also runs a couple of MMOís including Rift, which is not an ugly game by any means. I tried to get BDO installed but hit a ďmissing file privilegesĒ thing on Steam and got tired of googling it and getting half-answers and no solutions.

It also runs Diablo 3 at max settings, and I managed to get carried through the whole Season journey so I have the stuff that matters; Portrait, banner, pet, whatever it gives, I have. Maybe when I get my computer fixed I might press on and get a couple of the portrait upgrades.

I think Iíve played Hand of Fate more on this laptop than I ever bothered on my main computer, which makes sense because I had bigger, better stuff to catch my attention. Still, itís a lot more fun than I expected it to be.

The highlight however is probably CS:GO, and Iím somehow enjoying it more than I ever have Call of Duty. I expected it to be older and uglier and I donít know why, it looks fine for what it is and needs to be. Iím also enjoying it because my deaths tend to make more sense than COD; the killcams give me much needed context. When I die itís because they fired first, got the drop on me, or were hidden in a spot of the map that Iím still unfamiliar with. Once I learn the maps I perform a bit better.

Of course, much of that is still true of CoD. However I approached something resembling skill in Black Ops 2, Iíd consistently be on the middle of the scoreboard which was a comfortable place to be. Not great but not bringing the team down either.
I just didnít like the way I kept dieing on CoD games. The killcams would reveal that some asshole would randomly throw some c4 or a grenade from halfway across the map and it would detonate on top of me. Or I would unload half a clip into someone only for them to one-shot me with a knife. Like the fuck?

On CS:GO there have been several times now in my ~10 hours of playtime where Iíd be in the top 3 of my team and still pull out a victory. Boy, do I have stories.

So far my favorite gun is the mp7, and I can make that fucker dance. The game that spurred me to make this post at all just happened this morning. The score was 7-6 on our side and pretty much half of the terrorist team decided to charge on hallway where I, alongside about three of my own people started gunning them down. My mp7 mowed five of them, two or so of them my own confirmed kills (and a couple of assists). While we searched for the last guy I turned back towards the hallways (Because the bomber died there so their mates would have to come back to get it if they wanted to win that way) and I gunned him down as he was going up the stairs, winning the round, game, and getting the ďMost eliminationsĒ highlight.

I went ahead and even bought a Stat tracker skin for it because I love the gun so much and it really gets a lot of work done. As to be expected for an SMG, Iím pretty shit at long range engagements and skilled snipers tend to wipe the floor with me. But again, I donít get angry because the deaths make sense. Even the reticle is always right on my ass with little to no lag, like them shooting slightly to my side and I still drop. None of that.

Best of all, the learning curve is minimal. In just ten hours of gameplay, Iím usually in the top few (though yes, sometimes an enemy team is crushing it so badly that Iíll be like 2-9 or something). It happens. I just enjoy not being completely worthless. Iím at a skill level in ten hours that usually took fifty or a hundred of hours on any CoD game.

So yea, I see the appeal. Thereís a reason CoD games are flopping over and over while CS:Go matchmaking takes like ten seconds.

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