Technical Issues
July 26, 2017

So for the last week or so, I've largely been on my family's laptop.

A week ago my computer died. Initially thought to be my power supply, my grandmother purchased me a new one (which I have to pay back). I took it to Geek Squad or whatever they renamed themselves because I didn't see a single logo but instead some kind of generic "helper center" type sign. They thankfully didn't charge me for their diagnostic because it turns out it wasn't the power supply but the motherboard that fried. Did some research and THAT, in itself, is going to run me in the 250$ range. My brother has said he'll help by throwing me some money but either way it's going to be two to three weeks before I'm back on my own computer.

It came at a very bad time, right before I had two days off work where I was going to binge Black Desert Online and get some good leveling done and contribute to the RP community there. Now all I can do is poke their website on occasion and remind people I still exist.

I've done like, no gaming. Mostly youtubing but since my mother plays Diablo, that's already installed and I plan to see how well Overwatch runs on this laptop.

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