Current Activities in Gaming #194
July 07, 2017

Iíve largely been between PUBG, Final Fantasy X, and Iím thinking of dipping my toes back in Shadow of Mordor for the sake of the sequel that Iíll talk about in a bit.

PUBG is a game Iím terrified of queuing solo, even though I did rather well. Or well enough in the couple of games I did, only for the fact that it takes a long time for me to actually find anyone. When I did, I got headshot so I didnít make any kills, just 83 coins which is better than average for me. So I mostly just play with my gaming community.

Iím enjoying FFX immensely, helped by some of the updates to the new version. The tutorials are a little different which helps, and thereís a bunch of new parameters and settings you can mess with. You can increase or decease the encounter rate, which is great for farming/grinding. You can give yourself 99 of every basic item in the game which is also a lot of help. If you know how I play games, you know Iím a super casual scrub and I donít want things to be harder on me. So Iím walking around with a ton of Mega-Elixirs with the ability to refresh it any time that gets low. I also have every grenade and bomb and Rikku one-shot a few encounters before she fucked off from the game. I forgot how long it takes to get Rikku and Auron back.

I think Iíll review it eventually, but I am playing with the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. The gameís chief problem was the voice acting and still is, but it gets a pass from most people because this was 2002, where voice acting was kind of just starting to get prominent. Most voice acting was on cutscenes or cinematics. In FFX, thereís so much goddamn talking, you guys. I donít think Iíve done any fighting for like, an hour of gameplay. Itís all just cutscene after cutscene and I barely have any control over Tidus except for walking around, picking up chests, and looking for Al Bhed primers. Otherwise, every corner I turn thereís the game takes control from me so everyone can talk about some aspect of Spira Tidus doesnít get yet.

Those two problems are only slight irritations and are hardly enough to give it a bad score. Just makes it hard to want to record it for my youtube. I record in 15 minute chunks and I could go through ten episodes not fighting a damn thing because of how this game works.

So Destiny 2 is officially ordered, took me a few weeks to buckle down and nab it but a couple of people in my gaming community will be playing it so itíll be nice to do some cooperative multiplayer again. I like iron sight shooting but I donít like the twitchiness of Titanfall 2 or any Call of Duty, and none of those have any real cooperative modes (Except zombies, I guess?)

Next on my list is both Shadow of War and Assassinís Creed.

I liked Shadow of Mordor but after a full playthrough and maybe half of two others, the game got a tad too easy somehow. Through a combination of knowing orcs detection ranges, knowing exactly which upgrades to get first, and powerleveling myself through those rather simple power struggles, Iím never really able to take advantage of the cool Nemesis system again, unless I just straight up let myself die. Which isnít as interesting.

Hopefully the sequel will bring new challenges to overcome.

I feel like AC will be the problem child in the industry right now, as Ubisoft takes a lot of shit. I however, am an AC fangirl. Iíve enjoyed almost every game, the only exception is AC3 which I never beat. I even liked Unity, and it helped that I bought it a few months after release so it had a couple patches by then (And 33% off).
Origins sounds really interesting. Iím a sucker for day/night cycles, the locale is the most interesting since Black Flag (The best AC game in my opinion), but other than that thereís not a lot to the current announced gameplay.

I guess in a way my mind is already made up, but still.

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