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June 23, 2017

Hereís my current haul;

Not Shown: Watch_Dogs 2. Bought it the day after this screenshot. Currently installing.

I have no particular order.

L4D2; Played it in my Xbox days if memory serves, or at least the first one. Had good times, hard to pass up for 2$. Some people in my gaming community play it so I might install it if someone tried to get some groups going. Otherwise, might be in grey-text limbo for a while.

Quake 2 is only there so that I can one day do a few-episode Letís Play of it so I can talk about how Quake, Unreal, Morrowind and Starcraft shaped my life back in those 90′s.

Hand of Fate is... strange. It plays out like a randomized card game but with some Arkham/Shadow of Mordor/Mad Max style combat strewn in between things. Indeed, my experience with the latter two of those games helped me kill a boss with 90/105 health. Got hit twice but otherwise wasnít that much of a fuss. I can gear my hero up over time if the cards are nice to me but after about 10 minutes I wasnít sure what the... goal was. Is this a roguelike? Does failing give me buffs in future attempts? What do I get when I kill all 12 bosses? A new game, I guess?

Idle Evolution: Kind of regret this one, parts of it seem to be too complex for me. Thereís a lot of menues to sift through that Iím not overly happy about.

Westboro: The mixed reviews are not lying when they talk about wonky controls. The game looks good but moving around reminds me of old school Resident Evil. Like REALLY hold RE games. The system could benefit from some WASD movement but as it stands, you click where your character goes and thereís not much you can do until they get there.

Grim Dawn: I love the Warhammer universe, but this one is underwhelming. I donít know why devs of the goddamn Warhammer franchise needed a kickstarter for this but here it is, basically a less interesting version of ďThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.Ē Van Helsing carried itself through witty dialog and a spunky pop-culture referencing ghost sidekick. Diablo 3 holds up as one of the most refined ARPGs on the known market.

Grim Dawn kind of reminds me of Path of Exile. I never made it far past the 20′s in PoE because the world is dreary, mundane, filling me with an isolated and hopeless feeling that I just do not even remotely enjoy. I get that itís thematic (Warhammer Fantasy universes are rife with apocalyptic storylines) but itís just so fucking boring. NPCís in Grim Dawn and PoE are stuck in isolated towns and all their dialog is full of hopelessness with the occasional ďGo kill my undead sonĒ or whatever. The world is just dead.

Diablo 3 didnít have this issue because there were live, talking, questgiving people out in the world fighting the good fight. You met soldiers and captured civilians. Theyíd give you a ďThank you hero! Let me get back to town!Ē GD and PoE lack this sense of progress and hope.


Kill to Collect is also underwhelming but that impression might improve if I had people to play with. I did a couple of solo levels with a sword girl with like five modules of health, but could barely survive despite having a dodgeroll. Itís definitely built around co-op as the description itself advertises so this one is going to be a dust-collector. I love its style and has a good core, I just couldnít even find a public lobby to join.

I have nothing on Beyond Sol or Itís a Wipe yet, but I might install them later after I get a taste of W_D2.

As for Darkest Dungeon:

Honestly, I just like having a turn based RPG in my life again. The last one in memory was FFX which I enjoyed (I might buy the remaster of that next week).
I love how the mechanics feel, and the general aesthetic. It feels like Iím reading an ancient lore book, complete with artistís renditions of heroes-long-past, and seeing them move around this calamity in semi-life action.
But boy, can this game fuck me.

About three quests in, I went into a fight, first one of the entire dungeon, nobody had more than 3 pips of Stress. When it FINALLY ended, two people had like 150/200 stress, abandoned quest cos I doubt they could take it, and basically gave everyone a new negative quirk. No deaths yet but that's about to happen cos I can't recover enough people at once. Iím almost afraid to go back to playing it, which I want to, but I know for certain that the next quest will involve some dieing.
I suppose thatís necessary to continue. My current fare of heroes are drowning in stress and debilitating traits that I could probably do with wiping out a few. My only problem is my gold status is lowering exponentially and at a certain point I fear I may not be able to afford torches and food, and I wonder how the game is playable at that point. New save? New town? No more upgrades? Early-Game hell all over again? Ugh.
Right now thereís a mod that essentially buffs your first two heroes and removes their initial negative trait. I might have to look into that, and any other workshop mod that have any kind of quality-of-life updates. Thereís a few.

I like the game, but Iím scared of it.

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hastypixels hastypixels - June 23, 2017 (02:52 PM)
Darkest dungeon survived a sordid development cycle involving Kickstarter and a bunch of whiny players, so the fact that it's that terrifying speaks well of it. It deserves its place in the market, though I admit I'd not join its ranks of sacrifices.

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