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June 14, 2017

Thanks to getting paid weekly at this new job of mine in conjunction with them giving me a lot more hours (4 hour shifts are a thing of my past), I have a bit more weekly play money than I expected.

In my last job I was getting anywhere from 220 to 400 (On holiday weeks mostly). -160 for general food and rent and what was left was my play money. But on a weekly basis, the food and rent is lower but I still get around ~250 per week. Take away about ~90 and thatís what I have to play with per week. This means I can typically get game related stuff on a more reliable basis under pretty much the same amount of funding I had before. This is cool.

I know sharing oneís personal funding is some kind of social taboo but maybe when Iím earning 15-20 an hour in an office I might hide this fact but Iím barely above minimum wage as a literal grocery bagger so who gives a shit.

Sorry for the tangent but hey, this is a blog.

First on my list is the upcoming Necromancer for Diablo 3, which I suspect will be released during Season 11 in a month or two. Played it on the PTR and their Grace of Inarius set reminds me of my wizardís Archon build. I used this in the PTR but I imagine itíll undergo some tweaking once actual high-tier pros start publishing theirs when they go live, but as it was it allowed me to do Torment 4-6 comfortably;

In a similar fashion to my wizard, if Bone Armor goes down (Mistiming, etc) then it leaves me vulnerable. Otherwise I barely took any damage because gear and runes made my defense stats spike into ridiculous levels.

I didnít like the playstyles of the other sets. The blood magic one is a nice concept but didnít like watching my health pool tank down to 10% constantly.

Anyway. E3 roundup anyone?

I donít know if Destiny 2 was even a talking point but the preorder stuff showed up around the same time. It will likely be my very first purchase later tonight once my money comes in. Some of my Watchtower gaming community is looking into it so Iíll certainly have people to play with in its first wave.
The deluxe and expansion stuff is a bit steep, but this game is attached to the Blizzard launcher so theyíre usually pretty good about allowing one to buy the upgrade. I can do 60$ now, and then do 40$ for all the extra stuff in a couple weeks, so when October rolls around Iíll have the super special funky extra edition. Hopefully?

Next on my priority is Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I have mixed feelings on this, partly because Chloe had some inklings of an abusive relationship with Max (Chloe herself being the perpetrator). I try to justify some of the problematic elements away, but mostly I just headcanon some traits and change Chloeís base cynicism down a few notches. Itís funny, Iím hardly in the target demographic for this kind of game and some of the teen drama in the first game made me cringe ever so slightly. However, the devs excel and environment, tone, and mood. I like its style and I adore the music. While the gameplay trailer didnít do a lot to sell Rachael to me, perhaps the game itself will explain some of her behavior. (Or I might just headcanon that shit away, too).

I have a vague, passing interest in Far Cry 5 but the series has suffered from some decay. I played and Beat 3 and it was great, but never got around to beating the 4th because it was a bit exhausting. I had some good fun in my ~8 or so hours on it but it just couldnít keep my attention.

Next is Assassinís Creed Origins. Anyone who knows me knows that this will absolutely be in my library at some point, but itís taking some flak again for the gameplay footage being lackluster and Ubisoft releasing an insane 800$ version of the game that comes with some kind of statue andÖ other stuff, presumably. Obviously Iím not about that life, 800$ could help in like, 1/12th of my failed college debt so if I suddenly had that kind of cash, Iíd start paying that off, not buying a statue.

Still, Iím an AC fangirl who even liked Unity, which is an unpopular opinion. (At its worst, I feel like AC3 was a big misstep).

Shadow of War is another big one, but Iíve already blurbed about that in my last gaming post.

Thereís one or two more Iím looking into, some I need to find out exactly what the hell they even are (Vampyr, Anthem) but these few are my top priority and will probably involve a few preorders, especially since Iím pretty sure theyíre going to be decent.

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honestgamer honestgamer - June 14, 2017 (12:31 PM)
I have been buying the Assassin's Creed games right along, but I haven't played the last few I obtained. They look great. I just have a hard time saying "Okay, I'm going to sink the next few weeks of my life into this game." So I buy them and they sit there. And I'll buy Assassin's Creed Origins, I already know. I think it looks great. And someday, I'll probably wind up even playing it. The last time I got in an Assassin's Creed mode, I wound up playing through several in a row, ending with 3. 4, Unity, and Syndicate all interest me, and I hate to fall TOO far behind...

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