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June 08, 2017

Now that I have a job, Iíve been getting games on my own again. Hereís a quick rundown of some new games Iíve acquired and some first impressions, if applicable.

Titanfall 2: Basically Call of Duty but with more jumping. The same infuriating hitboxes where I will constantly get enemies down to 10-30% health (And I know this because I can see their bar) and just die pretty much every time. Iíve gotten some cool plays but theyíre few and far between and all my titans are made out of fucking toilet paper.

I might write a review of it eventually but itís very much Titanfall 1 with some new wallpaper. Single Player is good and really has the ďweirdnessĒ feel that older shooters used to have. I enjoyed parkouring through this modular-home-processing factory.

Battleborn: Had the misfortune of being released near Overwatch and therefore was dead on arrival and might have had some bad business practices in the background that internet personalities like Jim Sterling were quick to shit on. I just bought the full game post-FreeToPlay update and thus I donít get any of those founder bonuses or the Season pass. So far, a couple hours in, itís definitely a MOBA and not much anything like Overwatch which is what some were trying to claim.

It also has something I wish more MOBAs had: An entire PvE campaign where you can group up with people in a queue and help you out. While I can barely comprehend the story, the setpieces are still a lot of fun and they really make their core mechanics stretch.

Unfortunately their playerbase has fallen off, Steamís community hub reported only about 1400 people when I was playing which might be enough for more casual modes, I suspect serious players will have a hard time finding people without a discord channel.

Darksiders: This is a game I remember my friend getting when I lived in an apartment post-parental divorce. It has a remastered version now and I have no further comments. Itís installed and has yet to be played, during the week I purchased it I was dealing with some technical annoyances with a newer, more professional mic that are still ongoing. As well as some health issues that make things difficult to record.

Bunker Punks: An indie shooter that has a lot of soul from the original Doom and Quake games. Itís simple, I donít expect a review of it to be very long.

Blockíhood: Same deal with this one, except more of a city sim that I just canít quite figure out but I donít want to refund. Itís so cute!

Gauntlet: By no means a new game (Like... all of this list, really) but it will no doubt be relentlessly compared to Diablo 3. I will largely be playing it with my gaming community so weíll see how the experience improves.

Future Wishlisting:

Shadow of War: I tried to record Shadow of Mordor for my youtube channel but after having played and beaten it twice, knowing the ins and outs, mechanics, orc detection ranges... It became far too easy and thus could not take advantage of the Nemesis system. Shadow of War is four months away (Barring any delays) so hopefully itíll bring a newer and challenging experience. I really loved SoM but it was not very replayable due to the learning curve. Once you get over it, it all becomes cheese.

Battlefield 4: Because half my discord gaming community plays it and I might as well join them. I watched an hour letís play of it by the discord owner and I donít like the idea of getting sniped ten thousand miles away from a skyscraper. How often do you look up in games anyway?

Black Desert Online: Seeing good things on steam reviews but it was renowned for having the best character creation on the market but one of the most blandest actual-MMOness. Itís heavily discounted now. I believe it was originally 60$ but the base is now 10 with a multitude of ďtiersĒ that go up to 50$. Not a high priority over all.

Nier Automata: This is a game many report to have ďgrownĒ on them. I attempted to watch a letís play of it and was... confused. It seemed to switch between ten different games and I have no idea which manner of mechanic is the ďCoreĒ gameplay. I see a lot of screenshots that make it look like a third person slasher, which appeals to me, but the LP consisted of old school asteroids-esque shooting and then a sidescroller akin to Mark of the Ninja. What the hell is this game?

Elder Scrolls Online: Not just the Morrowind upgrade, but the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood content packs appeal to me greatly. However Iíve run into a problem with the game: I suck at it now. I used to be passable, running a constant healing build with a vampire nightblade. But now boss mobs (which are common at the end of quest chains) are unkillable. I never made it to level cap, to boot. So my fear is, it would cost me 60-80+ to get those three things only to barely be able to actually play. Fuck me if thereís boss mobs in any of those content packs.

Thereís more, but these bits are the higher priority.

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