Current Activities in Gaming #189
April 10, 2017

Been a while, had to really hunt for the last one of these. I explained on 188 itís because Iíve been actively recording for my youtube channel so my various gaming exploits are being uploaded daily there. Though not on time, I have 2-4 months of backlog/content to upload. It would still seem redundant if I made a blog post outlining the exact same stuff I did on the video. Half the post would be my voiceover.

Still, I ran into a situation that warrants a proper blog post: Andromeda is barely recordable due to performance issues. Iíve tweaked all kinds of settings and Iím hesitant to drop everything to ďLowĒ settings especially considering that I want to record the highest quality possible for my youtube. Iíve done everything else like lowered the lighting effects, shadows, disabled auto-resolution, turned off anti-aliasing and other shit I donít even know what it does. Then I promptly turn them back on when I discover it doesnít do anything to fix my issue.

Basically, every so often the game becomes an unplayable slideshow. But like, a quick one. Itís like playing through the most epic of lag that would make people quit a multiplayer game forever. Funny enough, I donít get this issue in ME:Aís actual multiplayer.

Itís constant though and it does drive me up the wall. I canít seem to tell if itís centered around certain areas. It seems like it happens every time I load into a new area but Iíll be doing some smooth driving on a planet, and I want to take out some random-ass enemy encampment and Iíll stop to disembark the Nomad and boom, Iím hit with the ďlagĒ again. Basically Iíve built my infiltrator to pop her two turret things because I canít shoot enemies for shit when this happens. My turrets and my teammates basically do all the work for me and, if Iím lucky, the ďlagĒ will clear up long enough for me to shoot the last enemy. It helps I play one step under ďNormalĒ but I want to go up to Normal or Hard for the NG+ and I will get thrashed when these hiccups happen.

Funny thing is, it doesnít even happen when I think it should. Load into a new area? Okay that makes sense, itís new information. But it doesnít happen when I face against massive Remnant bosses. Youíd think my computer would have to really work to comprehend a massive creature but nah. Smooth as a babiesí bottom.

My recordings stop by level 5 and I want to pick them back up again on the NG+ and around the same point in the story but I might not be able to if these issues persist. Imagine how maddening it would be for viewers to sit through 30 solid seconds of lag every few minutes.

On a story standpoint, I just landed on the last ďviableĒ planet of Elaaden and working on the Monoliths and its vault. I think Iím level 39 or 40 and have most of what I need, itís mostly a matter of expanding my infiltrator rank for those sweet, sweet bonuses.

I hope they patch some optimization so I can start recording again.

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