Zydrate Talks: Youtube and Netflix's Death Note
March 23, 2017

First, new youtube schedule for my personal channel. Havenít been doing Cities: Skylines and my Fallout 4 recordings have surpassed them so Fallout will be taking over Fridayís slot. Current schedule is thus;

MON Skyrim
TUE Grab-Bag
WED For Honor
THU Grab-Bag
FRI Fallout 4
Weekends: Grab-Bag

Iím actually working up another backlog which is a mixed blessing and therefore, I may double my output on grab-bag days.
As of this posting I havenít been in the mood for Skyrim but I do have 22 videos around, so thatís 3-4 months worth of Skyrim content anyway.

Meanwhile, Netflix released a new trailer for an Americanized version of Death Note, which I'm on board with.

Okay so letís break this down a bit.

First: Iím not on board with Tumblr crying ďDATS WASISTĒ at any provocation. In fact, thereís already a Japanese adaptation. Like, two or three of them to cover the broadest story. So those exist. Nobody is taking those away from you.

And before we cry ďThey changed EVERYTHINGĒÖ The Japanese versions ended the story with L surviving and completely cut out the entire Near plotline (Unless they retconned something and thereís another movie Iím not aware of). So we canít throw stones in that direction either. Adaptations sometimes have to change to fit the medium. Thereís a trope for that.

We all on the same page? Splendid. Letís move on.

There are still things I like and donít like.

The lead actor looks decent for the role. He has this exasperated/exhausted look that matches Lightís increasing instability in the manga. I can dig it.

Whoís that in the red hallway? Might be Light himself. He went hooded in the manga to get close to an FBI agent so he does plenty of on-site work himself, he might be trying to erase some evidence and the hood/mask helps with cameras.

Willem Dafoe is a great choice for Ryuk, perfect voice. I canít wait to see their interpretation of his design. The Japanese version basically went for a full 1:1 ratio and with faulty CGI it just looked goofy. I expect a sort of practical adaptation which is hit or miss. Not even sure why the trailer even hid him from us. He shows up in like the first five pages int he manga and then again several later. The manga never did any kind of Ďrevealí except he just showed up in Lightís room. He was just there.

Two points I really, really donít like, though one more than the other.

Was that Light running from the cops? Could end up being a red herring of a sort with him just getting interviewed because he happened to be nearby with the note when someone died. Who knows, thereís hundreds of explanations and Iíll wait and see.

I really, really donít like the whole Ferris wheel thing. What the hell is that? What could possibly be the point to that? Perhaps it will make sense in context but that whole thing is just a huge ton shift even in the context of the trailer. So goddamn random.


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KennedyEthan KennedyEthan - March 23, 2017 (06:12 PM)
Theres are something that i dont like and like, but since im first time here, maybe i more understand and see its all about...
pickhut pickhut - March 23, 2017 (08:04 PM)
The Ferris wheel moment could possibly be Light testing out the capabilities of the notebook. We never see the person's face, plus when I went back to view that part, I noticed the person was holding on to someone else.

Here's hoping this isn't Dragonball Evolution-levels of terrible...
CasydieAnne CasydieAnne - March 27, 2017 (07:04 PM)
Netflix's Death Note was so very interested movie. i love that type of movie but since is just a Trailer let see the full movie.

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