Zydrate becomes a Youtuber
February 28, 2017

I would like to apologize for my inactivity for the few of my readers that actually read my content (Oh yay, another porn blog just followed me).

Thing is, I havenít actually been inactive. My current activities have all been displayed on my Youtube channel.

But before I link that, Iíd like some of you to go over this post first. It will explain why my voice is the way it is despite how Iíve identified over the years on my blog.

Did you read it?

Okay cool.

Now hopefully with that context, I hope everyone enjoys my Youtube Channel.

Now here's some historical channel context!

For the past 3 months since I began recording consistently, I was dealing with bad output. I'm new at this and did not know my videos were being put into a ".flv" video format. I don't know what that means, so that's why I never noticed. However when I started playing the For Honor open beta, the various fuzziness that cropped up by simply moving the camera around started to irritate me more severely, especially considering that it's a pretty game.

I finally looked up a youtube guide, very brief and very easy to follow directions and I feel like a fool for uploading a couple hundred videos without googling "High quality OBS recording" or something firsthand.

Learning curve.

So I had a huge backlog of sub-par videos that I JUST finished clearing up entirely. I did this by doubling my output to like 10-12 DAILY. It helped, and even better since I don't even have a very large fanbase to begin with, this spam of videos can go largely unnoticed.

However, by changing my output format it has tripled the file size of every recording I do. I'm okay with this, as it also opens me up for more consistent scheduling. Here's my idea so far;

MON Skyrim
TUE Grab-Bag
WED For Honor
THU Grab-Bag
FRI Cities: Skylines

Grab-Bags are basically any of my videos that only have a handful available while Skyrim, For Honor, and Skylines are long-runners where I can easily wrack up a 15 videos (3 weeks) within a single play session. However there are others, like Sniper Elite 4 or Dead by Daylight where I only get a few at a time.

If I acquire a backlog I will slot the grab-bags to a consistent game. I suspect this will happen to Mass Effect 3. I am also considering doing an Evil playthrough on Fable: Anniversary so that's probably another ~30 videos I can do.

So yea. Again, here's my channel link and I recommend poking the playlists I created for easier viewing.

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