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December 24, 2016

I managed to acquire the four-piece set Alpha Bridge in The Division, but I still donít quite have the meta set, which involves the FAMAS assault rifle. The set, at 4 pieces, allows all weapon talents to be active as long as your primary and secondary are the same class (IE: Assault Rifles). So effectively youíd be running with six talents while just using one weapon. I have some decent gear going but itís not what people technically recommend.

Still, I might explore some Dark Zone later when the holiday buzz around my household dies down. As it is, getting called away every few minutes.

In other news, Iíve recently discovered the Warmane private server for World of Warcraft. Via my gaming group, Iím on Icecrown which is a rollback to Wrath of the Lich King, and all of the outdatedness that implies. Itís also flagged as PvP so despite the 7x leveling speed (Which is great by the way, my death knight finished the starting area at 64), I was getting wiped by Horde players. So far mostly in Unígoro crater and right now, dieing at level 71 on Borean Tundra because my questing puts me a little closer to Warsong Hold than Iíd like. Right now Iím too annoyed to continue until my friends get up to level 70 so we can queue in the dungeon finder (Which in itself is partly broken).

And thatís a major flaw in private servers, thereís no real official support. Alongside the outdated mechanics (Remember when weapon skills and hunter ammo were a thing?) it brings upon a whole new array of bugs and issues. Also the 7x experience is nice, to get you to the endgame as quickly as possible because endgame wrath was indeed fun, it makes leveling tricky as youíll outlevel every zone in just a handful of quest. As a result, you rarely make it to the end of any quest chains which leaves you horrifically undergeared until your 60′s. My paladin (Whom I only got to 55 so I could make a DK) was wearing grey boots until her 40′s which is pretty horrible in its own right.
The only balancing factor is that I know how to play the game and I know my class. However I discovered the Paladin was barely playable until she got to 50. She had no real rotation with long cooldowns and 80% of her mana being used in a single fight, often against one mob. Downtime is a big thing here and itís one of the many things I donít miss.

But I finally got over some of the leveling hurdles and Iím met with one more obstacle to climb: Horde dodging in Northrend. Northrend is a lot more smooth as quest hubs go but if horde would stop fucking killing me I might get through it. I honestly donít really understand how PvPers got anything done when everyone just keeps killing each other. I never initiate the fight but inevitably a mage (Almost always a mage for some reason) launched ice bolts into my back.

So yea. Thatís what Iím doing.

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