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December 24, 2016

With all the holiday events popping across a few games my attention has been split. I fell off of Dead by Daylight in lieu of some Blizzard games as well as a revitalized interest in the Division.

So letís start with Dead by Daylight.

After many hours of playing the Hag I can kind of see what her weaknesses are, now. She does indeed function like a less effective Trapper and is barely faster than the Nurse. I donít often actually kill anyone on her though when I do itís very satisfying.
She needs some severe tweaking as her chase game is pretty weak while her camp game is too strong. You have to be in a certain range to teleport to tripped traps. Itís a good idea in theory that gives the Hag some decent map control but sheís too weak on multiple fronts.

Meanwhile Overwatch has the holiday event. The Snowball map is fun enough as it is but Iíve been terribly unlucky with the loot boxes not really giving me any skins, so far Iíve only acquired the frosty Pharah but ultimately want the Zenyatta nutcracker before the holiday is out, but stuck on as low as 1600 points. I might have had over 2600 if I didnít but a legendary for Sombra, whom it turns out I never play. I thought sheíd be quite the gamechanger with her ability to shut down entire teams but it turns out, her hack ability is bad news. You can stealth behind a team but activating your right click not only de-stealths you, but also gives a voice line and sound alert to your position which means youíve flanked the enemy and now they can all hear you. So typically everyone just turns around and guns me down immediately. So much for that.

So Iíve moved on to Heroes of the Storm to do the 25 games for the Christmas related rewards for no real reason other than to kill some time. Iíve just been spamming Elite AI games and Iím about to go finish that up after I finish this post.
I recently discovered my go-to warrior character: Dehaka. He has like three different self-healing type abilities/talents which appeal to me greatly as general midgame sustain. I play assassins largely so it feels real nice not to HAVE to flee to a fountain every time Iím vaguely touched by the enemy team. When I get employed again, Iíll be sure to buy his skin.

After all that Iíve touched a bit on The Division.
(Link related, personal game capture!)

I was slightly overwhelmed by content for a second there. This was quickly remedied by a mere google search of the gameís discord community which immediately carried me through a few Lexington runs and got me a full set of 256 gear (The highest currently available). None of it had any synergy really but that is slowly being rectified as some veterans directed me towards a couple of green sets to keep an eye out for, as well as a weekly special assault rifle that cost 1247 or so phoenix credits (Which is a fairly high amount for gear) which is doing some real work on the highest levels of play. Indeed, I uploaded that video to show some friends what ďendgameĒ effectively looks like. At least the gear-gaining portions of it.

Iím in for a long road of Lexington farming in order to acquire some set bonuses but after that I might look into the Dark Zone again, perhaps some Survival. The discord has a LFG channel which helps me find people easy enough, and this is a game thatís just god damn boring to solo and highly recommend finding a community or group of friends. Helps a lot.

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honestgamer honestgamer - December 25, 2016 (01:46 AM)
I played Overwatch for a few hours this year, after finally buying it on PS4, and I can see how it has so many people enchanted. My thought was that I'd play for a bit and then maybe review it, but I sank around 6 hours into the game as Mercy and didn't even get around to trying any of the many other characters. Overwatch feels like the sort of game that I'd wind up spending dozens of hours with before I would feel comfortable reviewing it, and I'd probably still wind up sounding like a scrub, so that puts such an effort firmly on the back burner. I'm glad to now understand why so many people gush over the game, though. It definitely has something going for it, and the events just keep all of that going...
Zydrate Zydrate - December 25, 2016 (02:36 PM)
It's a simple concept but a bit more crisp and modernized, effectively bringing back the whole 90's shooter feel with a Pixar Animation paint job.

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