Current Activities in Gaming #185
December 11, 2016

(Number 184 is tactfully omitted because, well, it's not really that interesting. Here's a link if you just NEED to read some brief first impressions on Sombra from Overwatch.)

I’ve mostly been playing Dead by Daylight with intermittent breaks to watch movies and peruse the Skyrim Special Edition mod rollout, and there’s not a lot there to bring me back at the moment. Still waiting on a few ‘core’ elements. Yes, I could probably hunt for achievements some more and work on companion affinity levels (Yes some follower mods have that) but my attention has been drawn elsewhere.

Namely, Dead by Daylight.

On Steam I gave it a thumbs up because it can definitely be a fun game but it is not without its frustrations. I’m not experienced enough to comment on any kind of balance issues because I don’t do highly ranked/leveled play and I can’t even identify perks when I see them.
No, my problems are mostly with the Peer To Peer hosting system which is garbage. There’s no dedicated servers, so every game is based around the killer’s computer.

See, the thing is.
I have a good computer. A great one that will last me through the next few years, maybe even several. But I do run on WiFi, to wit I rarely have any internet troubles. A few hiccups that require a router reset but otherwise my internet is fast enough for me.
But all of my games as killer are laggy for my guests because of the very simple fact that my computer is not designed to be a dedicated server. I do not have the funds, equipment, or charisma to convince my housemates to bring all the tech shit to my room so I can go direct rather than wireless.

Here’s what happens:
Around 30% of my games as Survivor, I get dropped.
100% of my killer games (Which bounces off of my hosting), there’s 1-2 instant disconnects. Another might lag a little, and the fourth survivor will bitch in post-game chat about the entire affair.
During one post-lag game chat I got two sides of that coin;
One person went full rage with “omg fix your internet before playing killer” (As I described, my computer is fine but is just not designed to host).
In the SAME game/chat, someone was like “No it’s cool, it’s not your fault, this game is begging for some real servers”.
So it really just depends on people’s temperament.

I will occasionally get a full game as a host and that’s usually when I get destroyed by pros but even then I can have some semblance of fairness and fun. Like one game I barely managed to kill one person and the other three escaped, but they let me blink-hit them with Nurse at the exit which allowed me to progress through a daily. At least I got a lot of hunting and hitting points that match so I didn’t exactly leave the game with nothing. So curbstomps are fine to me as long as I can manage to find/hit people.

Ultimately, that doesn’t seem to happen very much because the game’s style of game hosting is laughably broken.


I keep trucking on because, despite my bad ‘hosting’, I tend to drown in points regardless. Every disconnect/quitter nets me ~1250 for the sacrifice and another ~600 or so for “Quitter” bonus. This is not something I’m doing on purpose but I am kind of getting something out of this, but I am not fully satisfied. Half my rank and pips were acquired through quitters/disconnects basically handing me those points. I kind of like it, but I’m not proud of it.
Meanwhile as Survivor, I am constantly losing offerings, addons, and equipment because I’ll be fine for a few minutes and then POOF, scoreboard screen.

Fucked up, innit?

Though, goddamn. When it works, it WORKS.

I just played a game as Hag which still had a single disconnect but everything else was stable and fine. It was such a long game, at a certain point the traps stopped giving me points.

All three had escaped but it was a very long game with a lot of area denial thanks to the traps.

A trap worked perfectly at one point near the end. They all popped so many traps, the survivors were smart enough to realize that I can’t teleport to ALL of them. So at one point, a Meg(I think) was actively opening the door in front of a popped trap but she was committing… But I was too close. I warped to my trap, dealt with with 2 second ‘stun’ and then grabbed her right off the panel and carried her away. She escaped in the end (Wounded like most of them) but overall it was all kinds of fun.

And that’s how you Hag. Sort of.

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honestgamer honestgamer - December 12, 2016 (06:30 PM)
I recently moved my modem and router to the front room in my apartment. Since the router has four ports, one is plugged in directly to my PS4, and I have a cable running from the router to my office. It's only a (slight) trip hazard in a few spots, and the setup allows me to use the fast Internet on any consoles hooked up to the front room television (the PS4 doubles as our cable package, because we're PlayStation Vue users). I'm surprised it took me as long as it did to come up with the approach. It's not perfect, because I don't like having the cable running as far as it does, but mostly it has been working very well and I don't have to make any decisions about what devices will have decent Internet speed.
Zydrate Zydrate - December 13, 2016 (01:14 PM)
My father had a similar setup but he ran it under the carpet and used like, hooks you would use to hang up paintings and stuff and put some of it on the ceiling and it all worked out pretty well.
Sadly I live with a grandmother who does not support my gaming pasttime and thus would not approve of a couple of wires being tied to the stairs and down towards her television.

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