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October 12, 2016

Fallout batteries ran low. Kind of what happens when you dump 120 hours on it within a couple of weeks across four characters. Itís a shame because I had just switched from Grasslands to Winter, which I really like. Maybe when some more mods come out that spark my interest in a different concept.
One thing I really need to work on potentially is someone who focuses on hacking rather than lockpicking. But eh, I dunno.

My last WoW post talked about my first 110 and Iíve been so busy the last month with Fallout and Fractured Space I never got around to mentioning that I have four of them now. Iím currently working on my Demon Hunterís class campaign.

Also: Overwatch Halloween event! Iíve meant to do more OW but the playerbase just kind of left me in the dust. All the friends I did play with pretty much left Bnet, I have no idea what theyíre doing. I should probably rejoin the Overwatch discord channel to see if that will net any groups but otherwise, Iím sitting over here as a level 19 where I consistently see level 90′s and 60′s and shit which boggles my mind a bit. As usual I just cower behind AI games which gives very bad experience (And mostly exist just so you can learn what your heroís kit does before doing real QPís). This eventís brawl however, even on easy, gives more experience than Hard AI games so Iíve mostly been spamming those.

As for OW loot; I got Soldier 76′s Halloween skin from the freebie box while being able to buy Pharahís with coins. I then later got a different legendary skin of hers altogether;

So that was neat. I donít expect Iíll wear that one much. I like Thunderbirdís coloration better, but for now Iím just running around as the ďPossessedĒ skin. All the same, Pharah is my usual go-to so Iím just happy to have her stuff. Bastion is my AI game go-to.

Meanwhile: Rise of the Tomb Raider got a big update and considering that was the bulk of my post-job purchases I really need to look in giving that a proper go. I donít really remember why I even stopped but if I wagered a guess against my own personality, it was probably a particularly difficult interaction that made me just go ďWelp, done this this for a while.Ē Basically the thing exact thing that happens to me on Watch_Dogs. With the sequel getting some previews I wanted to install it and give it another go. Not even 10 minutes in, driving in that game was a huge pain in the ass and escaping from the police took fucking forever because they drove at the exact same speed as me and I never found any road-bound obstacles to hack. Eventually I was able to drive in such a way to get them to run into something which gave me the breathing room I needed. After that, the instant 60-degree turns just for a simple button tap was too much for me and closed the game after I ran into three people and had the cops called on me. To wit: I already had over 20 hours on this game and the first 10 minutes just frustrated me enough to go ďfuck itĒ.

To swing back towards Tomb Raider: It was probably combat. The puzzles can frustrate me on their own sometimes but at least there are youtube videos I can probably consult which is what I did for the first (new) game. Or maybe I was simply in the mood for something else.

But now that Iím talking about it, I might give it another chance. For now though, Iím still doing things on my Demon Hunter and I still want to push my levels in Overwatch as best I am able.

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honestgamer honestgamer - October 15, 2016 (01:20 PM)
One of my favorite (of many) things about Watch_Dogs is the driving system, which felt very natural to me. So I've never been able to sympathize with complaints that the driving is somehow terrible. I've played too many Grand Theft Auto games to ever believe that! I'm sorry that driving is preventing you from enjoying the game. Were you playing with a controller, at least? I played on Xbox One, so I was using a controller. If you were using a mouse and keyboard, I guess maybe it would feel a lot differently.
Zydrate Zydrate - October 16, 2016 (09:54 AM)
I'm a Mouse/Keyboard, all the time. No real exceptions except one time someone convinced me to buy one for Dark Souls (2 I think) and I ended up not enjoying DS even a little bit.
Nightfire Nightfire - October 18, 2016 (01:41 PM)
Yup. The mouse and keyboard controls for Watch_Dogs are absolute garbage. I was stuck using them because I don't really own any good gamepads. I got used to the controls, I did beat the game, but I avoided driving all but the most easy-to-drive cars and motorbikes wherever possible.

It's just one of those things. They didn't take the time to properly port the controls to keyboard. Whaddya gonna do?

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