Current Activities in Gaming #182
September 27, 2016

I’ve been playing fairly nonstop. However my Fallout batteries will need some recharging soon because I’ve just dumped another 140 hours into it in the last two weeks, according to Steam. (I thought it was more like another 60 by there you go).
I just keep finding mods that inject new life into my save files. I updated Modern Firearms which added all this tactical gear that looks awesome. I made a Railroad Synth concept on its behalf

I named her SC-90.

I think reloaded a very young BD-78 save because I had a few extra mods. She’ll look largely the same except I won’t bother going to the NCR armor for her ‘retirement’ arc, I’ll probably just play that off even in full tactical gear.
Or just call it a different timeline and call it a day.
I’ve reloaded her due to Modern Firearms adding new snipers. BD-78/Akira was using a modded AK as her sniper rifle. It was -perfect- in VATS that never missed but doing free aims was a huge pain in the ass. Patience and breath-holding be damned, she’d miss most shots because the bullet would always hit some kind of rubble. Even if I was aiming for center mass the ballistics would just be like “Haha nope”.

There’s also a sort of cheesy farm method I discovered with True Storms (Which still holds up as one of my favorite mods ever).

Basically, you can set it so that there are ghoul hordes during Rad Storms. You can set the chance they spawn, how many (from 5 to 30), and how often they actually spawn (anywhere from two minutes to five-fifteen seconds). I set it all on max potency because the mod is self-cleaning. I don’t know what that means, I just know that fast travelling away and back will cause them to disappear. Works for me.
The above screenshot was on Very Hard to boot. Now, ferals aren’t too much of a threat when you have 910 physical armor rating but it’s still an incredibly intense encounter.
Thing is, I can pop a True Storms holotape and activate any weather I want. I never really touch on this to let the natural progression of weather do its thing but I do sort of use it to help it remain consistent. The weather basically changes every single time I fast travel and when I don’t, each weather phase seems to only last a couple minutes.

Meanwhile on BD/Akira, I basically set up a killing field in one of my non-populated settlements. A sort of gauntlet that funnels them towards me for the duration of the storm, which I personally activate. It’s basically a semi-cheat farm as ghouls not only give me experience, but they also drop a ton of ‘trash’ items including gold, silver, and duct tape. Many other things too. I wish they dropped more Nuclear material but oh well.

I’ll get back to her later but right now I’m working on a First Impressions of “Fractured Space”, a new space MOBA. Only 93 minutes plated, need a bit more time on it.

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