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September 27, 2016

Original Tumblr post date: September 17, 2016.

With the release of Nuka-World, I decided to go back to Fallout. In fact, I’ve been playing it for the last few days but couldn’t really find time to make a post because I was playing so damn much.

I was playing a synthetic ex-courser who got ‘brought back’ by the Institute for 30 hours (3-4 days of gameplay) and then rolled a shotgunner that I wanted to wear trenchcoats and gas masks… But that save started with the Fallout 4 Script Extender with the enabled Achievements mod, because mods disable those. So… What happened was…
Seven hours into my attempt to make a shotgunner, I gave up and basically recreated the Synth character for the purpose of, hopefully, getting those few Achievements back. Including Nuka-World and Mechanist (Both of which I completed) and did most of Far Harbor, so probably missed a ‘cheev or two there.

I effectively have all the achievements spiritually, unless there’s one that’s like “Collect 50 skill magazines”, which I’m probably a tad short on.

I still want a shotgunner but I find this whole thing to be kind of amusing. That’s what the Institute does, right? They REPLACE PEOPLE.


If nothing else, she seems to have a better structured face. On her 30 hour playthrough I must have went to the Surgery Center about five times. On the new one, I built her from a completely different preset. Still tweaking her jawline and gave her a completely different hairstyle. I’ll fish some screenshots for a comparison.

Here’s the old, after a result of tweaking her several times through her playthrough.

And here’s the new; After only tweaking her once. So far I am completely fine with all forms of lightning on her, which really shows the test of how good your character looks.

(Insert lewd joke about being ‘wet’ here). For some reason the rain brings out the best in my characters.

Anyway, her new form has been playing catchup. The old made it to level 46 or so, and the new is still level 20. There’s a ton of perks I’m missing out on. I need all my weapon perks (I nearly maxed all three types, Automatic, Rifles, and Pistols). As well as three in Lone Wolf which gave me an extra 25% on top of that… I don’t even have Gun Nut maxed so I don’t have access to a few things. It’s rough, so my goal is mostly just to explore. Scavenge and collect resources, get back up to the few thousands of ammo I had… Etc.

Gotta do some WoW things and I’ll be back to it.

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