Formal Steam Review - Fractured Space
September 27, 2016

There's not a lot of Space games on the market that many can get behind. Somewhere down the line, devs effectively equated space with complexity, so for years we were driven away with spreadsheets, graphs, and pure busywork. However the genre continues to be an itch I can rarely scratch with the rare exception (Rebel Galaxy being one).

This is another. As the synopsis demonstrates, this is a creep-less MOBA. It has much of the staples. Zone control for resources, except those 'resources' mostly translate to 'team experience'. You zone back to a base in order to 'level up', comparable to how you buy items in DoTa or LoL. After that, it's just a 5v5 beat'em up with a fair bit of strategy and adjustment. Like many space games, you have to think on the fly and move your ship behind the dozens of asteroids that litter the zones in order to mitigate the damage you'd otherwise receive.

Like with many team-based games, it's more fun when you play with friends. When pugging, I lost against AI because everyone pulled a Lone Wolf mentality that just does not work here. A lesser ship cannot take a greater one without sniper support. A tank ship cannot 1v2 unless he has a support ship on his back. One match had two snipers in it which meant they remained in the back (As they should) but it meant that we had a fraction of people that could not capture bases with us. The list goes on.

There is also no pay to win here. At best, with real money you could buy crew members outright which give you an extra 10% utility here, some 4% damage there, and only serves for diehard minmaxers but the basic set of crew is all one really needs. The real game here is to pick a few of your favorite ships, adapt to their styles, and just win with superior skill, and it won't matter if an enemy does an extra 6% damage or not.
Everything else is mostly cosmetic, with the obvious credit boosters and whatnot like every other F2P.

I've met many like me, needing a space game without it feeling like a second job. This one fits the bill. Space MOBA. That's what it is.

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