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June 12, 2016

After quitting my job I finally received my very last payday, so Iím sitting on around 160$. Iím holding out for the Steam sales this month but I could not resist finally buying Abathur on SC2.

Abathur is pretty overpowered. At a mere level 2 he gets access to morphing three ground units and three air units into Brutalisks and Leviathans, up to six super powered beasts that pretty much canít be killed in Normal co-op, or even Hard if I pay attention. I think they have 1500 health each.
On top of that, the biomass all my other units accumulate contribute to health and attack speed. So my little roaches that run around starting with 140 health go up to 550 or something and have double attack speed.

My point is, thereís a reason heís the only buy-in hero. I basically ran him through Co-Op for two days straight and now Iím just using him to power through the mastery levels because heís both fun and easy to play. I just run around collecting biomass that drops even as my partner kills stuff. Itís great.

In other news, Iíve installed LA Noire. I had a problem with it before on my old computer, where itíd overheat and crash an hour into the game. With that out of the way, Iím left with another fake open world. Thereís no exploration, nothing to discover, and the only side activity is taking street crimes where Iím treated with two annoying but short cutscenes to set the crime up and to close it.
Itís a good game mechanically but Iím not even sure why they modeled it after their GTA franchise when you canít really do anything outside of your cases. Itís nice to play it without crashing but thereísÖ not much of a game here. I almost feel like itís one of the new-agey walking simulators thatís broken up by the occasional gunfight.

In only slight news, I might almost be ready for another Skyrim spree, though I did load it up and was quickly bored by the usual ďFew hour setupĒ, wherein I try to grind/farm my way to the characterís true ďoutfitĒ. I try to make a rush to how I envision the character perfectly, and I very rarely play a simpleton who starts out as an iron-wielding adventurerÖ And you know what, I think I need to make a new character concept describing exactly that.
Too often I have characters I envision with certain outfits as I browse the ďrecent modsĒ sections on the workshop and nexus, but itís been a long time (The Xbox days) since Iíve kind of playedÖ more normally. In a way, I actually powergame towards an outfit before I actually play-play.
Sort of as I do in Fallout 4, except in Fallout 4 I still explore and hit every discover-able location for resources and scraps.

So. An idea forms. Iím going to go play some more Skyrim.

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Nightfire Nightfire - June 13, 2016 (05:35 PM)
L.A. Noire was a great game, but you're absolutely right, the open world format was simply not necessary. The only things to do out there aside from the street crimes is find some collectibles that are hidden all over the city, but I can't imagine why anybody wouldn't simply use a guide to find all of them. After all, the city is absolutely huge.

It is still a marvel to wander around in it though, knowing that it is as authentically reproduced from actual research as possible. I even read an article about how a guy gave his father (who had grown up in the 1940s) a tour of the game, and his father was floored by how accurate the reproduction was. I think that is an extremely impressive technical achievement in its own right, even if it doesn't necessarily translate into good gameplay. It's a game that everybody should play once just to see it, hack through the story, then put back on the shelf.
honestgamer honestgamer - June 13, 2016 (09:23 PM)
Probably the only reason to get details like that just right is that you plan to do a lot more with it, but that title's development was apparently quite troubled, so eventually I think they just settled for getting it out the door in a playable state. Ambition outstripped resources and time.

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