Current Activities in Gaming #179
June 05, 2016

So I have finally beaten SC2′s Legacy of the Void. I’ve had it forever and did a few missions but mostly lacked incentive to continue. Should have done it earlier - it drowned me in achievement points to attach to my SC profile on Blizzard’s website. I think I spiked 400 more points and like six new portraits.
It’s all cosmetic, of course.

Overall, I liked it. Some missions were properly intense and despite my EZmode style of casual gaming, I played through the entire thing on Normal difficulty, as I do. I also like how it really mixed up the usual RTS playstyle every now and then. In the last half of the LotV campaign, you’re put on a movable platform, each with limited resources and an emphasis on your aerial vehicles (You’re given access to Carriers in this mission). You have to move around and plan your attacks accordingly because you have only a few hundred resources at a time. I actually failed this mission once because my army was not prepared and got wiped out, leaving me with no army and no money. Ouch.
But I got back on the wagon and played through it last night. I liked some of the last few missions and I liked the -style- of the Epilogue but god damn it was so slow. I play Co-Op and multiplayer a fair bit, both of which I think are on maximum speed settings so the campaign just crawls along. Always has, which I think contributed to my boredom with loading up the game, seeing the campaign screen, and going “Naaaaahhh”.

I’m not so much done with Rebel Galaxy as I am taking a brief break. I might even play it later today but reviewers aren’t off-base when they call it grindy.
I did mention in my own review that it’s not a complex game, which is why I bothered with it at all. Still, I feel like it could use a few extra layers of complexity. More weapon systems, more enemy types, and it could use a hefty dose of different ships. I find myself running pretty much the same ship for ~4 hours straight while I work my way towards and upgrade. I feel like it could use several more in-betweeners to help mix things up. I own the Vanguard right now, which I like, which it’s base cost was somewhere around 1.3million (I got it for 900k due to trading in mine). The next one on the list is the Polaris, which is a hefty 16 million credits to get. Gonna take a while, that. Or I need to start braving “High risk” missions and get those higher end payouts.
Meanwhile I’m going to be staring at the ass of this thing for the next several hours of gameplay.

In other news, I want to play more Stardew Valley but I’m going to need a different set of goals to work towards. I worked towards a marriage and got it, and I basically feel like I beat the game at that point.
To the game’s credit, there’s plenty to “do”. I barely touched the Community center and its ‘bundles’. Most of the other denizens are at only one heart. The prospect of having three of Stardew’s wiki pages up while chasing people around the city with the schedules posted online is just exhausting to even think about and that’s what’s mostly been keeping me away from loading it back up.
There’s also the potential of mods which might mix things up, gender swapping the bachelors as well as adding a robust cheat menu. There’s also starting a new save entirely and utilizing my knowledge. I could probably get with Abigail (Or a different girl) earlier, I could probably make more money. In fact I remember an entire crop of ~20 or so Cauliflower (Which sells well) going bad because I didn’t know season switches killed everything. I lost thousands in profits. Shit.

It’s a good game, it’s just exhausting.

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honestgamer honestgamer - June 05, 2016 (01:41 PM)
I like achievements, and sometimes they'll make me play more of a game than I might otherwise, but what I really, REALLY like are Steam cards. I realized I have no interest in collecting them, so I can just sell them for money to put toward more games. Do Rebel Galaxy and Stardew Valley have Steam cards?
Zydrate Zydrate - June 05, 2016 (06:57 PM)
Stardew Valley does, but Rebel Galaxy does not.

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