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June 03, 2016

I’ve sort of been all-in with Rebel galaxy for the last two days. I haven’t had much else to do after effectively cutting ties with my Skype gaming group (Don’t click if you don’t want to see me whining).

Wrote my first impressions post about six hours in, I’m now sixteen hours in. I did actually post a Steam Review of it, but it's more of finely tuned version of my First Impressions post. Took some out, added some in. Mostly cut out some of the fluff but it's pretty much the same stuff.

I have an added complaint: Escort missions are doable but buggy as all hell. Escort Missions tend to give gamers minor PTSD whenever they crop up. In fact I have horrible memories of Morrowind. An otherwise wonderful game that spawned my love of RPG’s, RPing, and writing abilities in general, had extremely slow and annoying AI pathfinding wherein I am running at full speed with high stats and every NPC you escort runs like you did stepping foot in Seyda Neen. It was insane.

In the same vein, friendly ships during these escort missions seem to be using the lowest warp speed as it takes ages for them to actually get to where we need to get. It also gets distracted very easily. Warp speed escorts stop in every nebula, every single enemy encounter, and FUCK ME if we ever get a planet in our way.

I’ll avoid them when I can but it’s hard to ignore any payouts that are above 100,000 credits at the stage of the game I’m in.

Ultimately I’m having a lot of fun and it continues to remind of the best moments of Black Flag. I run into some close calls and I need to stop getting so headstrong. After upgrading some shields, my ship entirely, and a couple of my weapons I found a swarm of “Beamcutter” class small ships that effectively destroyed an entire side of my ship and cut my hull down from full to 12%. I almost died instantly, but I figured out what was happening quickly enough and moved my ass.
That missions risk rating? “Low”.

The risk ratings usually look at your gear and what you’ll be facing to give you a sort of judgement call. Most of the time, it’s spot on. If it’s “High” that probably means I’ll be pushed to my limits and most of the time, reinforcements came in. “Low” risk usually means I’m one-shotting most of the enemies.
But sometimes it misses the mark, like that scenario I just described.

The problems I have with the game are nitpicks at best and usually amount to the occasional inconvenience, which is fine for a game that was apparently developed by like, two people. I continue to see why some people find it a bit “linear” and I can understand that. I’m not even sure if I’ll actually ever beat the game (Though I am excited to see what a final boss fight in a game like this looks like) and it feels more like a “mood” game, in the sense that this is something people probably play for a couple hours at a time before moving on to something else. Not me, though. I’ve been all-in so far.

Despite its flaws and simpler nature, there’s easily 20-40 hours of stuff to do which is not at all bad for a 20$ game, and I got it for half that. Yay sales.

I do wish there was more variance in this post, but Rebel Galaxy is literally all I’ve done for the past two days.

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