Formal Steam Review - Stardew Valley
May 31, 2016

(I've already posted my First Impressions, but this is a Steam review I posted ~18 hours after that).

After almost 20 hours on this game I am finally able to compile some real thoughts on Stardew Valley.

The game starts with a basic story; Youíre an office worker that is given a deed to a farm. Your customizable character gets tired of the brainless office life and decides to move to the farm. Youíre greeted by an older gentlemen who gives you the basics. You chop some trees, clear some land, given fifteen seeds and a handful of gold and your adventure begins.

At first, I felt a little underwhelmed. The first few hours are the very definition of incremental. Thereís a lot of padding. Running, waiting, watering. It starts you off with very little and you just work your way up. The first few hours; I was actually getting kind of bored.

Thankfully, as the seasons go on, it gives you a lot more to do and the game brings a lot of charm and depth as you talk to all the characters, participate in their festivals, and you even have the chance to marry one of ten people; Orientation be damned, a touch I can quite appreciate.

As time went on, each day I dedicated to a single task. Usually I run off to talk to a few people, as you get friendship points for doing so, visit a shop to buy seeds or upgrade equipment, then I head off to the mines or my farmís forest to get to work. Sometimes I head to the spa to replenish my energy, sometimes I just go to bed to skip the day. Thereís plenty to do and I often resort to the gameís wiki which is concise and incredibly helpful to get the most out of the experience, much like I had to do with games like Minecraft.

Normally Iíd explain that my gaming life started with games such as Unreal and Quake 2, so anything graphically inferior or even pixelated is usually a no-go for me. However Stardew Valley has brought a lot of charm to the table and I want to see my farm, my wife, and my town succeed.

Iíd still even recommend this game on my usual metric of 1 dollar per hour of gameplay and entertainment. I paid the full 15$ and I have gotten much more than fifteen hours on it, and counting. Thereís still plenty Iíve yet to do!

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