Current Activities in Gaming #177
May 29, 2016

Iíve been bouncing between Overwatch, Doom, and Stardew Valley.

I have mixed feelings on Stardew Valley. At this point Iím drowning in Cauliflower, which sells well but is also good for fueling Mining expeditions. I can appreciate the balance you have to figure out. ďWhat should I dedicate today to?Ē ďShould I sell these or eat them?Ē ďShould I spend my gold on a bunch of these seeds?Ē The problem is, the game is very grind-y. Most days are dedicated to going to the beach to pick up the 1-4 corals and then running back to my farm. Every day is either Water Plants/Mines or Water Plants/Beach/Seeds. Thereís little variance. My first quest is talk to 28 people and Iíve only found 18. I want to romance Abigail but I canít find any of the crap she likes.
Itís almost like Minecraft, I keep running to Stardewís wiki to find out where the hell stuff is.

One thing Iím trying to focus on is copper for tool upgrades but itís a pain in the ass. I can only get to around level 5 or 6 (With only a couple items of food) which only has net me a few copper which leads to a single bar. You need five per tool.

My character needs a goddamn skateboard or a bike. Most of the game is running. Like I said in my First Impressions - The game bleeds incremental.

Meanwhile, Iíve met the first Boss of Doom. I play on the easiest difficulty and itís kicking my ass, and I accidentally restarted the whole mission and I gave up. He killed me several times, because some of his bullshit attacks are unavoidable. He has a charged laser thing that LOOKS like you can move and dodge but it hits me every single time. He does an air barrage thing with red circles on the ground, like WoW raids, which I avoid and still died.
SoÖ I might explore the multiplayer. Sadly itís competitive and Iím already playing Overwatch and Iím moderately decent at it. I donít want Doomís multiplayer to kick my ass like itís first boss fight is.

Meanwhile (again), in Overwatch, I dropped like 40$ on loot boxes and got some cool shit, mostly concentrating on Bastion. Got like three of his legendary skins and a new highlight animation because everyone and their mother still has the basic ones with the character just standing there. So itíll add some excitement and possible rage when I inevitably get Play of the Game on Bastion.

I now have about 100$ left, which I really need to save for an upcoming Steam sale. Hereís Hoping Rise of the Tomb Raider goes under 40$! (Probably not, too new. Iíll get it when itís like, 20).

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Genj Genj - May 29, 2016 (02:48 PM)
Lock-on Rockets and Siege Mode Gauss Cannon shave off a lot of health. I found him very forgiving on Hurt Me Plenty even if you get hit a lot. If you do enough damage, he starts gushing health and rocket pick ups.
Zydrate Zydrate - May 29, 2016 (03:32 PM)
I watched a video which helped me get through it. Apparently his lazer cannon follows you around, but you have one second to move your ass and it will miss. It was mostly that. The mass rocket barrage... I just got lucky on when I finally beat him. He only used it a couple times during his second phase. After that, I used rockets and a combination of other things and tore him up.

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