First Impressions - Youtubers Life
May 28, 2016

Youtubers Life is essentially a time management RPG that reminds me of Game Dev Tycoon. You create your character, and you start in a house with your characterís mother where you have to balance between hunger, sleep (Both of which contribute to your ability to have good ratings on your videos), studying (Aís and Bís get money from your mother), friends (Iím not sure what they do for you yet except eventually lead to collaborations; More ratings), work (Direct cash that doesnít come from YTís monetization), and several other things that may not be readily apparent at the beginning.

The whole time you can purchase upgrades to your PC which allows for stronger videos. You even have to edit videos which acts as a miniature puzzle game, as connecting all the modules will lead to a better video and thus, more views and subscribers.

Itís a neat part of the game that I can appreciate.

Another part that reminds me of Game Dev Tycoon, is that youíre not stuck in your motherís house forever. At a certain subscriber limit, youíre asked to become roomates with someone. Drop some cash, and you move out, and it comes with a few perks. Your fridge is closer, though you have to buy your own food (Which are usually cheap in comparison). The need to study is replaced with online courses to improve your abilities, which is completely optional but costs money. You donít get the occasional 50$ from your mother but at this stage of the game (A couple hours in), youíll be making more from your videos anyway.

Would I recommend it? Itís a neat little fantasy to have your custom made self playing games for money. Itís still in Early Access so thereís a few things missing. To be fair, thereís a full game here. Itís a Simulator where you manage time and resources so if thatís your thing, go for it.

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 29, 2016 (11:22 AM)
It sounds like a pretty good simulation of life, though I imagine actually building up a following in the game is a lot easier than in reality. The problem with this game's faithful simulation, though, is that it comes close to the real thing... but without the rewards. From the sound of things, it's just distilling a time-consuming process and calling that entertainment. I guess a lot of simulation games do that. But in this case, I'd rather just post videos on YouTube. At least that way, I can become a star! ;-)
Zydrate Zydrate - May 29, 2016 (01:13 PM)
I forgot to mention it's buggy as all hell, but yea. It's a solid game in its own right.

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