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May 26, 2016

I discovered a little trick to Overwatch: Communication!
I still lack a mic but I found a resource, two websites that are dedicated to gathering Overwatch groups. Its Discord (A new VoIP) site allows for group-getting and seriously ups my chance of actually winning games.

The thing is, having people actually talk does very subtle things like pointing out snipers (Or Bastions) as well as saying what we need at any given point. Iím also getting the hang of some of the countering, itís not as complex as I had originally thought but it mostly just comes with experience. Pharah may not be an ďofficialĒ counter to Bastion, but it worked pretty well as I two-shot one from above while he was preoccupied with mowing down my teammates.

I won several games today and leveled up a couple times. I donít have a lot of goodies to show for it as it refuses to give me Bastion or Pharah skins. I am up to 250ish ingame coins though, so Iím on my way to getting a legendary skin of my own.

I had originally planned to main Bastion come hell or high water because heís damn fun to play. Indeed, he still is, but I found a new go-to: Pharah. Iím getting the hang of her general playstyle and I find her incredibly useful.
I was playing one of those King of the Hill style mapsÖ The teams were really even. We had one round each and made it to 99% on both teamsÖ I activated Pharahís barrage which killed two of the four that were pestering us and finally gave us an edge to wipe the rest of them up and win. It was a perfectly even game and my ult turned the tide of the entire battle. Itís not often I can say this; But Iím pretty sure I won that game for us.

The only downside is that my Battle.Net is going to need a serious cleanup after I, or others, fall out of Overwatch in time. I tend to reserve my friends list for actual friends (Go figure!) but in order to get groups you need to throw your tag around for group leaders so you can get invited. So Iím sitting on like ten people I donít know, most of which I might never group with again. So thereís that.

In other gaming news, and Iím not even sure if Iíve mentioned this in previous posts; But I tried to order Fable 3 online. Disc was in good condition and the CDkey was working but for the life of me, it would not install. I ran compatibility modes, turned off antiviruses, ran as administrator, googled and followed every direction I could find but it ultimately led to a special error code that made me download a third party program that wanted me to pay for a service to actually repair the issue. Jesus christ.

I have some money coming in from the refund within the next few days and Iím not sure if I want to try buying an online key and download it digitally. It used to be on Steam but was taken off, but keys probably still work and one can probably ďactivateĒ the game.
Couple problems with this plan.
How trustworthy are CD Keys bought online? I was never sure if thatís legal or not.
Secondly; What if I just run into the same gamut of problems as before? Compatibility modes be damned?

A third, more fun problem is, what will I spend the incoming 37$ on? Canít get DOOM with that.

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 26, 2016 (10:32 PM)
From what I can tell, buying CD keys online is perfectly legal and a great way to save money in some cases, but you want to make sure that you get a trustworthy source.

There is a company that sells only verified, legit keys, which we run ads for sometimes. It has an affiliate program and such. I'm sure there are numerous such companies, even. But there also are shady services that will resell stolen keys, and the consumer is never aware of it. Sometimes, the consumer runs into problems as a result of buying those keys.

Me, I stick to Steam and Humble Bundle, or GOG or Uplay or Origin. I know those are legitimate services. Also, I read somewhere that it's looking likely that Steam will have its annual Summer sale sometime near the middle of this coming month. So if you're saving your refund and looking to get a lot out of it, I would check out the Steam sale and see what you find that suits you.
Zydrate Zydrate - May 27, 2016 (07:29 AM)
You didn't name the company :(

And I've already tried GoG and Humble Bundle for Fable 3, they don't carry it.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 27, 2016 (09:09 AM)
Kinguin Mafia was the service to which I was referring, but they don't have Fable III for PC listed, either. No reputable site seems to, because Microsoft pulled support for the game, which requires Games for Windows Live to run properly. I would hesitate to buy any keys for the PC version, for that reason. Microsoft seems to want the title to die quietly. If there's a new release that runs on Windows 10 without the need for Games for Windows Live, then that would be the way to go. But if Microsoft offers that at all, I bet it would be available only in the Windows 10 store, and not through other services.
Zydrate Zydrate - May 27, 2016 (10:20 AM)
So all hope is lost. I'll miss you, Fable 3... I have fond memories of coming home after a hard week of adventuring and playing with an adopted daughter. So cute.

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