Current Activities in Gaming #175
May 24, 2016

Iíve been hopping between a few things and regrettably, I feel like my whole gaming battery needs recharging. Iím finally unemployed, giving myself some breathing room and it is very nice to finally stand up without pain shooting from my ankles to my knees. Treat your cashiers with respect, people. That job is no joke.

OVerwatch has finally released and it is a test of my patience and willpower. I donít know what my Win/Loss ratio is at the moment but it feels like I lose 75% of games and that demoralizes me very quickly. Considering that Iím the type of player to mod-nerf and gut games like xCOM2. I like shooters but I donít like the multitude of situations that come from it.
I was Tracer-chasing Soldier 76 for a solid 20 seconds, shooting at him the whole time only for him to get a health pack, turn around, and kill me immediately.
Tracer again, shooting at the not-dwarf sentry builder, almost having him, turning a corner and his sentry cuts me down.
As Pharah, I activate my ultimate on one or two people, only for a Reinhardt to come out of nowhere and absorb the entire barrage, and then a Genji snipes me.

Losing over and over again is not fun. Itís why I quit LoL (Because their bot matches are worthless for advancement) and why I stay in AI games in Titanfall and Heroes of the Storm.
I like CoD but itís usually hit or miss between twitchy sixteen year olds spawn camping behind a fence and an actual, playable game.

I played a lot of AI during Overwatchís open beta (I preordered it) but I vowed to explore Quickplay more, but itís a test of my patience and morale. Iím losing a lot of both, which sucks for a 60$ game. (Or only 40 if you donít care about the extra stuff).

Meanwhile, Iíve yet to actually beat AC:Syndicate. Again, a game I like but I get nearly instantly bored when I log into it, partly because I took complete control of the city. Nothing is left but a few base/rook upgrades and the main story missions, which just seem like theyíre going through the motions. Ubisoft said theyíre taking a year off, but I think they need three to really revisit the series and rebuild it from the ground up.

I havenít beaten Homefront either, as Iíve run into the glitchy mess that everyone else seems to have. I still donít have a hold on the controls, so when I found one strike point that wants me to drive an RC car aroundÖ Driving in this game continues to be shitty and I keep accidentally exploding the damn thing and ran out of funding to buy more and try again.
Missions are the main source of income, giving you thousands while ďlootĒ only nets you 10$ a piece, meaning it doesnít break my heart when I die and see ď-3 valuablesĒ pop up on the screen. Thereís bounties, which give you 150-300 at a time, but they usually force me into playstyles I donít care about, like using three proximity bombs against the KPA. Why bother setting all that up when I can just sprint and press F, netting an instant kill. Who cares?
The game is not without flaws and it needs some serious patching up.

I want to play more Fallout 4, Far Harbor is out and itís a bigín. Whole new area that thankfully allows for you to travel back and forth, because I donít think Iíve found all the vendors yet and I get more loot and salvage than they can handle. I havenít beat it either but mostly just boredÖ After 174 hours, I think I need some overhaul mods to revitalize my will to play.
I did review Far Harbor though, my main complaint was the fog. Great for atmosphere, but a pain in the ass in practice. I donít think I know what trappers or Gulpers even look like yet.

Thereís a few other games but the trend continues. Iím just not in the mood for things like I used to be. Iím wondering if itís my age, or if game quality has taken a dip. Iím glad I have all of this available but I just donít want to play any of it.

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 24, 2016 (09:15 AM)
It sounds like you're playing a lot of huge games. Sometimes, I'll go through points when I feel jaded, and it often helps to start playing a completely different sort of game. I have a lot of fun revisiting retro stuff at such times, actually, because those aren't about memorizing systems or adapting to huge scale. They're made up of nothing but pure gaming, and they remind me why I developed a passion for the hobby in the first place.
Zydrate Zydrate - May 24, 2016 (11:04 AM)
Not a bad idea, but I have a certain threshold. I started gaming with Unreal and Quake 2, so anything below that in function/graphics I just can't bother with.
I'd go back to Unreal, but I got stuck 4 hours in, where even clipping through the level and looking at it from SPACE couldn't tell me where to go.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 24, 2016 (12:13 PM)
I guess I should be grateful that I started playing games on the Apple IIe, so any graphics from around that time or onward look fine to me... provided they're handled artistically. I have a thing for 2D, so a lot of retro stuff--particularly for the NES/SNES--is right up my alley. Early 3D stuff was pretty ugly in my book, so that's about all that I can't go back and dependably enjoy. And I like games from a wide variety of genres.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 24, 2016 (12:28 PM)
Also, have you looked into DOOM? It seems like something you might like, based on the reviews on this site and elsewhere, and the titles you mentioned in your post.
Zydrate Zydrate - May 24, 2016 (01:50 PM)
It's on my wishlist but 60$ is a hell of an asking price, especially since I became unemployed recently.
Nightfire Nightfire - May 24, 2016 (05:49 PM)
I kinda understand where you're coming from, though from different reasons. Due to the fact that I am working hard on a practicum while dealing with severe chronic health issues, my gaming has been reduced to multiplayer games that can be comfortably played in short bursts (mostly Ghost in the Shell or Hawken right now), whereas all my "big" RPG/adventure games have fallen to the wayside because of their time commitments.

For example, I bought Fallout 4, but I basically haven't even played it much yet. I built a character, escaped the vault and then turned it off because I want to wait until I have the time and energy to properly invest in it.

This is in stark contrast to last year when I had plenty of time to invest in "large" games and would dump dozens of hours into them every week, and my multiplayer gaming took a back seat.

tl;dr: Different games will appeal to us at different times for different reasons.

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