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January 18, 2008

Brutal Unleashed: Above the claw was a the sequel to the Sega Mega CD game. Brutal- Paws of fury. A martial arts beat em up with a cast of animal characters from the original plus some a new fighters. The gameplay was very much the same as the original. Very fast, very very fast. In fact this game is possibly the king of button basher games ever.
The second Brutal tournament commences and all of the original fighters are back along with some new ones. A fast paced fighter is what best describes this game and if you love fighters then I think this game if for you. Hang-on (oh crap, here I go again) I haven\'t done yet.

Gameplay: The game is in two words, 2 Fast, 2 Furious. (Hey, isn\'t that four words.) Shut up! This my review I call the shots. Anyway, the fights are incredibly fast and if you will have to have plenty of practice when you first play so you can get into the speed of things. Like all beat em ups, the rules are simple, kick the living crap out your opponent before they kick the living crap out of you.
The gameplay modes are basically a normal arcade mode, a two player mode and this other mode that allows you to choose your opponents and put them on differant areas on Brutal island. This is basically a customized arcade mode and is a lot more fun than than the normal game.
Like Paws of fury, this game took ages for me to get past the first guy mainly because I stink at fighers, except Eternal Champions. I really don\'t like this game that much and I found the Sega CD one so much better. 5/10

Graphics: The graphics in-game are basically the same as the Sega CD game. The sprites from the original are the same with maybe a slight change and the new characters are really detailed and look like they were taken straight from a cartoon. The backgrounds are also a lot better and have a lot more resoloution than Paw of Fury.

Sound: Well, in one word, terrible. In fact, there is only one piece of music in the game and they couldn\'t have picked a worse piece of music to go with this game. It\'s dance music and it last\'s for ages. It sounds a bit like this. boofboofboofboof, only a lot worse.
The sound effects are not too bad but get very repetitive and the same martial arts cries. There are only two and unlike the Sega CD version, which had a lot. Definately, a bad point in this game.

Brutal was a bad game and was definately not as good as the Sega CD version and I close by saying this game is nothing but completely average and I don\'t think you should buy it. 5/10

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pup pup - January 18, 2008 (10:37 PM)
When was this from?
Genj Genj - January 18, 2008 (10:44 PM)
Vorty Vorty - January 19, 2008 (07:34 AM)
I think i wrote this in 2003...
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - January 19, 2008 (08:53 AM)
Vorty, when are you going to repost all your removed reviews back to the site?

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