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True The Whispers Of Beginning Decay

Title: By the way, you suck...
Posted: March 13, 2011 (12:38 AM)
Dear Squaresoft,

Thank you for re-releasing Vagrant Story, good luck with Final Fantasy XIV...oh and by the way, you suck.

Sorry. There's a story here. My girl is utterly obsessed with DC Universe Online and since I love her, I let her play it whenever she wants. That, unfortunately, leaves me with little time to play since we have one T.V. and one PS 3. So I opted for some portables when she was super heroing it up. I've kind of been burned though. Golden Sun was a sedative and Tactics: Ogre was horrible. So I decided to go with something I knew wouldn't disappoint me: the DS version of Chrono Trigger.

That was a bigger mistake than the Death Match thing. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Chrono Trigger in the least. But it had...kind of faded over the last ten years. I had forgotten how magnificent this game is. From the opening scene with the balloons bursting over the festival, to the touching scene with Frog and Cyrus to that...tear-jerking moment with Nadia and Chrono hugging after they bring him back I just...

Fuck you, Square for not giving me a follow up. And I'll say this, before it starts another spam war: I am 100%, totally, unequivocally, explicitly behind you on the whole "intellectual property, cease and desist" order you issued. I would rape someone who took what I built and made their own story, especially if I was still alive to do it myself.

With that said, though, I don't blame them in the least. I, as a lot of others, would listen to my fans. I would write Chaos even if I thought it wouldn't go anywhere, simply because I gave a shit about the countless people who made my first project a success. You don't. I'm not sure why you have yet to make a decent sequel. Sorry, a boss, a line and angry echos in time don't count. But you should. And going on some silly, egotistical power trip and pulling your lawyers in to issue some bully statement is the furthest thing from what your fans...sorry, Chrono Trigger fans want.

They are the ones who buy your games, even when they're shitty, long winded no charm, half-heart efforts like Final Fantasy XIII. But by all means, spend your money and effort on a sequel featuring only Lightning. She's totally hot, but that doesn't justify it at all. Well, not as much as it should anyway.

Open your ears every now and then. Give the people what they want. That, or don't crush those who have enough passion, heart and effort to do what you can't. It would be like Sega bitching at those wonderful individuals who spent their own time and money translating Scenarios II and III. It tells me you're only interested in the money, and I hate fuckers like that.

True Baby Out.


darketernalUser: darketernal
Title: Re: By the way, you suck...
Posted: March 13, 2011 (07:28 PM)
Even though Square became a cesspool of awful, awful crap in the last 5-6 years, even they are aware that if they do make a Chrono sequel it would suck, and even if it didn't, people would still bitch and moan about it not being the same as Trigger.

When I was younger, I wanted a sequel myself, but these days, I just don't think Square has it in them to ever release a proper follow-up to it.

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