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True The Whispers Of Beginning Decay

Title: Selling More Of My Games
Posted: December 23, 2011 (03:53 PM)
A few more games that I'm not playing anymore: Arkham City, No More Heroes and Mortal Kombat for the PS3 and The Sims Medieval for PC. I'm willing to sell the entire set to you, or each game individually. Just make me a decent offer on them.



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Title: Darkness
Posted: December 11, 2011 (12:15 AM)

I had recently published it on Smashwords, but for the week it's going to be free. You know, for the one of you that actually wanted to read it.

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Title: Shining Force III Complete
Posted: December 04, 2011 (08:03 PM)
Like I do with all things video game related that are set to go on Ebay, I wanted to post this here first.


It has everything you would need to actually play the complete version of Shining Force III--the Saturn, the Action Replay (which allows you to play imports as well as providing extra memory and works as a Game Genie) the controller and all three scenarios.

Everything is in excellent condition. I just have yet to play it and it's been over a year. Could use the money more than I could a system that is collecting dust.

It will be a couple days before I put it up on Ebay so if you want, send me an offer via HG Mail. If it's worthwhile, the system is yours.

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Title: For Suskie
Posted: July 19, 2011 (12:11 AM)
I know not who is more obsessed, he or I. But I know we both will appreciate this:

Meh. Who am I kidding? He's probably watched it ten times already...which is ten less than me. :P

Lame Video For Emp Time:

True Baby Out

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Title: Sony Releases Info On Their Welcome Back Package
Posted: May 16, 2011 (09:21 PM)
Though none could say for certain if Sony would offer any kind of restitution to disappointed gamers, many were hopeful that the mammoth company would do more than simply say "thank you for being patient".

According to a recent press release, that hope has become a reality.

Patrick Seybold the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media announced via direct blog the following: Now that some PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been restored and you’re once again enjoying online gaming and entertainment, we’re happy to provide details about the “Welcome Back” appreciation program for customers in North America. We developed the program as an expression of our gratitude for your patience, support and continued loyalty during the service outage. From all of us at PlayStation, thank you and welcome back!

The full list of what gamers will receive can be found here, but the most note worthy are two downloadable games (some good ones like InFamous and Little Big Planent) and a free trial for time lost on various services, such as Plus and Music Unlimited.

Though it's incredibly generous of them, as they could have simply opted to replace lost time for certain subscriptions like Plus, Unlimited or DC Universe Online, after what we've been through is it enough?

My credit doesn't take a hit and no one steals from my bank account, yeah. I think it is. I've encountered worse over my two decades of gaming. Are they totally absolved? Not quite.

Title: Assassin's Creed Revelations Announced
Posted: May 08, 2011 (09:25 PM)
I try to avoid linking to a competitor's site whenever I can (I actually think this is the first time I've done so) but HG and RoG are somewhat unspoken partners and I know there are a lot of Assassin's Creed fans so I wanted to share. It's not much, but for those frothing, agonizing fans like me it's the best news I've seen all year.

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Title: Dear Jason And HG Fans
Posted: May 03, 2011 (02:31 PM)
So, after reading your post and thinking about how popular some of these other threads tend to be I wanted to just throw an idea out there.

The 600th review is a milestone and should be a game that you're always going to remember. The 599th, though, is fair game.

In an effort to show our support and inspire the guy who gives us all a place to congregate and write what we enjoy, basically gives us a system in order to express our passion to the masses, I say we suggest and vote on the game we'd all like to see him review right before he breaks that feat.

I, for one, would love to see you do Arkham City. May be around the time-frame and just...sounds like it is going to be an incredible game. One I think you would do really, really well with.

That's my vote.

Title: Did anyone get an email from Sony?
Posted: April 27, 2011 (09:30 PM)
Cause I did, and frankly it's making me a bit nervous. Basically it's saying that they did get hacked, my personal information was at risk and also gave me some information on how to deal with it.

Now, I'm not sure if this was a pre-rendered letter they sent out to everyone because they're still not sure who was directly affected--because let's face it, it's Sony and as of now my faith in them is entirely shatter. Or if they know who was attacked and I was one of them.

If that's the case, I'm suing the fuck out of someone. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid.

If you did get a letter, let me know. Thanks.

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Title: First Line
Posted: April 26, 2011 (01:31 AM)
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

This is the winter of our discontent.

Call me Ishmael.

The opening line can make or break a book. And though I've yet to muster up the courage to commit to Chaos I have thought long and hard about the opening line.

Just wanted to get some opinions on it. A random, tired blog really. Trying to inspire some of my friends to start their fiction...Jason, Joe, Andrew I'm looking in your direction...and maybe work up some of my own. Anyway, here you go:

There is no greater test of one's character than that which is implemented by morality.

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Title: Yeah, Baby!
Posted: April 25, 2011 (12:39 AM)

New Bloodrayne. Hell yeah...wait...I hope they don't screw it up simply because fans have been demanding it and they're trying to shut them up. Oh, never mind. It's Majesco, not Square/Camelot.

Sorry for the recent surge of Power Metal (I'm really not). I've been on kind of a Chaos kick since I haven't written anything novel related in about a year.

What are Jason and Andrew doing? Maybe that would help inspire me if they were working diligently.
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Title: Quite Possibly The Funniest Damn Thing I've Seen
Posted: April 21, 2011 (08:12 PM)
It wouldn't be as relevant if I wasn't playing the game and encountering this experience daily, but it's still pretty amusing.


Journey Cover, Baby!
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Title: Initial Thoughts On The New Mortal Kombat
Posted: April 19, 2011 (03:40 AM)
I traded in 7 games to afford it, and waited 45 minutes in the rain to get it at midnight. So far, it's totally worth it. A lot of things--like the freedom allowed in combos and the brutality--I've already mentioned in my preview but there are so many other aspects I didn't get a chance to see that I'm loving now, like the tower, story mode and mini-games.

I'm starting to believe they've done this one right, and I don't imagine they'll screw it up. It's been a while since I wrote a fighting review but I'm thinking this one may end up being one of my best.

The rest of my opinion will be saved for that, for now though a list:

Favorites so far - Scorpion, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Nightwolf and Ermac.

Their lead singer, Stu Block, is the new frontman for Iced Earth. He can definitely sing but I'm curious to see how he's going to do. I don't think they'll ever fill Barlow's shoes but this guy may actually get close.

Title: My Thoughts On 3rd Birthday And A Fuck You To Someone Special
Posted: April 17, 2011 (10:22 PM)
3rd Birthday - Square...just when I think you can't do anything worse than FFX you put this junk out. Do you even know how to make a sequel anymore? I'm keeping my background up, mainly because Aya is still wicked hot (or is it Eve? I really don't know after that bizarre, useless, lame story you made me sit through) and I'm too lazy but know that I am not happy about it at all.

Let me know when you start making good games again and I maybe, just might possibly consider buying one....if it's cheap and it gets rave reviews by everyone I know, and it has a hot chick in it, and you hand over the company to someone who's not so money-grubbing, intellectual-property motivated, fan-disregarding. And that's just maybe.

You're lucky I got 3rd Birthday for free or I might be angry.

Fuck You - So I went to Gamestop to trade in a few games in order to get the new Mortal Kombat. And no, I'm not going to bitch that I had to trade in 7 games to afford it, and some of them were new like Need For Speed and Tactics Ogre. No, this complaint is not in regards to giving up 7 games. It's because there should have been 8.

Without even looking at the disk, the guy behind the counter hands DC Universe Online back and says they can't take it. When I ask why, he explains to me that the game came with a code specific to it and by using that code I linked the entire game to my PSN account and no one else can ever use it. Basically it turns it into a computer game that I had to pay $60 for. Oh? Really? That's an utterly wonderful idea. Because that means the copy I paid for is one-of-a-kind and I can now use it as a coaster or a paperweight because it's not going to do me any good. Maybe, possibly, I would pick it up again somewhere down the line but you fucked me there too, with your stupid $15 monthly subscription fee to play it. And yes, WoW does that too but they don't pull this $60 bullshit to even purchase the game and then continue to charge you after. I downloaded WoW for free and they allow that; welcome it even. Why? Because they make enough money solely on subscriptions. But no, not good enough for Sony. They have to get you to pay regular price for a redundant, half-assed game, then $15 a month for sluggish, weak service all the while developing a system that locks you in for eternity so that I can't make at least a portion of the money I wasted back by buying that catastrophic mess. I would say that maybe someone on Ebay might want it, as they could find another code (possibly through illegal means) but we all know how the last hack-job turned out, don't we?

You're getting worse, Sony. And it saddens me.

Go tell your classes, go dig you graves
Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save

Wow that line is fitting.
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Title: Is there anyone good with Meta Tags that would be willing to give me some help?
Posted: April 10, 2011 (01:14 PM)
The header pretty much says it all. I'm not too familiar with them aside from what I've read on Wikipedia. Just wondering if they're fairly easy to do, what it would take and if I can add them to an easy-build site like Geocities or Yola.

Thanks in advance for any info you can pass along.

Youtube keeps recommending these to me ever since I plugged in "Far From Home". I don't think I've heard a bad one by them yet.
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Title: Why I'll Never Cut It In This Business
Posted: April 09, 2011 (02:10 AM)
Japanaman's topic inspired this and got me thinking on why I like games other people hate.

I'm emotional.

Sorry, let me explain: I tend to latch on and like sub-par games simply for random, strange reasons. Was Resistance 2 a great game? No, probably not. Was it a good game? Possibly. I loved it because I was in kind of a rut with games and needed something different than your prototypical action/RPG game I had been playing for months on end. It was the first FPS that my girl was actually good at because of the Auger and its relaxed nature. We would sit and play that for hours, talking shit to each other making bets on who would get the most kills and blasting stuff.

I liked Doom the original because I'd never played something like that, and it was my Dad who introduced me to it. He didn't know what he was doing, I didn't know what I was doing but we got by (with God Mode mind you). He and I had not been interested in the same things typically, but Doom was always something we did together.

Should I have given Enslaved a 10? Shit no. It had control issues, camera quirks and the ending was thrown together at the last minute. But I had been playing it in the midst of editing a very touching scene in Darkness where main character A expresses his feelings to main character B (it will make sense once you read it. I don't want to give you any spoilers). And that scene with Monkey and Trip where he tells her to turn the helmet back on just...reiterated all those things I was feeling. It was powerful, maybe due to timing, perhaps because of culmination. Not sure. All I know was at that moment, that scene, Enslaved could do no wrong. Just like when I was playing Resistance 2 and me and my girl bonded or Doom and me and my Dad had something in common.

I write reviews based on how a game makes me feel, not on how good it is or how well it's put together. It's a curse, I know that. Marc is not going to have the same experiences with Resistance 2 I had. Gary is not going to have a bad week, ditch school and come home to play Shining Force II in an effort to dismiss everything, and love the game because it let him do so.

Everyone is unique, and they love games for entirely different reasons. The talented, professional fellow like Suskie can cast that off and depict a game in a logical, scientific fashion. That's not and won't ever be me. Every now and then in a blazing moment of focus I can clarify the heartbeat of a game, and sell it to the masses as I did with EXA. Most times, though, I only rate a game with a high or perfect score in hopes you'll understand. You rarely do.

But, in a moment of vulnerability here, I don't review and rate games with technicality in mind. That's not something a critic should ever admit or aspire to, however it's true. I give them scores based on how they make me feel. In a perfect world that's why we should love or hate games, but that won't ever appeal to the masses, as it should be information we're selling; not emotion.

I don't think I'll ever get passed that or dismiss that in myself. Does that matter to me? No. I wrote what I wanted to write and it's not anything that's on my list of reviews. I've written great reviews and I've written shit. 6 years of doing this and it's the same. A gamble. My score based entirely on whether or not the judge "gets me".

And that won't fly in the real world, or the world of reviewing games. Can I write a wicked good fucking novel that will make you laugh, angry, cry and twist your emotions? Yeah. If I write a review based on that same principle, will you get it? 9 times out of 10, hell no.

Point is, games will always be scored on how they make me feel and the emotions they inspire in me. People will always see them differently, no matter how perfect said game is. I may love it, others hate it. Despise it while others cherish.

Just a random, inebriated blurb on scores and reviews in general. Why I think I'm the greatest and the worst on this whole miserable site.

Heh. Just kidding about the miserable part...kind of. Ha ha.

True Baby Out.

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