All-Gen Short List (UPDATED)
April 05, 2018

Those that know me, know that my wife and I are collectors. We have a fairly large number of games on various systems, new and old, however we are not done acquiring older titles. As one can imagine, we do have to prioritize, so some newer games we are interested in get put on the back burner due to finances. Here are a few titles for various consoles that I am personally interested in getting.

Gunstar Heroes(GEN)
Alone in the Dark New Nightmare(DC)
Robopon Ring Version(GBA)
Robopon Cross Version(GBA)
Demi Kids(GBA)
Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars(GBA)
The Krion Conquest(NES)
Vice Project Doom(NES)
MegaMan 7(SNES)
MegaMan X3(SNES)
Secret of Evermore(SNES)
Battalion Wars(GC)
Kirby Air Ride(GC)
Starfox Adventure(GC)
Battalion Wars 2(WII)
Mad World(WII)
Sam & Max Season One (WII)
Armored Core(PS1)
Azure Dreams(PS1)
Armored Core: Ninebreaker(PS2)
Silent Hill Shattered Memories(PS2)
Ni No Kuni 2 (PS4)
Alice Madness Returns(360)
FarCry 5(XB1)
Sea of Thieves(XB1)

Granted there are more on the want list, but these are of the greatest interest. The list is ever growing as a collector! What is everyone else after?

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