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February 22, 2016

I haven't posted in a while, blogs aren't my highest priority.

I've bought some humble bundles, a few games on super sale, and some games I really wanted to support.

One game I wanted to support is RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, which is based on the 3D anime web series by Rooster Teeth. I love the show, and I'm happy to say I really like the game. It is in early access, but it successfully combines the hack and slash Dynasty Warriors style game play with the objective campaigns of Left 4 Dead.

The game is in Early Access and only has one campaign, but they are actively listing update details and things they are working on. Each character has challenges to unlock some of their abilities as you level up through the campaign. Challenges save(so you don't have to kill 200 enemies with the same skill every time you play) and your level resets after each campaign, each time you play and level you can spend your skill points in different abilities, which encourages experimentation, at least until you learn your preferred skills.

I recommend RWBY: Grimm Eclipse if you like anime and hack & slash RPGs, I'd also say check the show out, they just finished season 3 and they had some seriously big events just happen.

Needless to say, I am excited for the next season of the show as well as the new content for the game!

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