Why Resident Evil Remake HD is important
January 11, 2015

Iím sure others have done similar blogs or rants, but Iím going to as well.

Survival horror is kind of a big deal right now, or at least itís growing in interest, what with Dead Island, Dying Light, Evil WIthin, Alien Isolation, and probably more than Iím even aware, most Resident Evil fans, myself included, have been wanting Capcom to bring the series back to itís horror roots. Remake HD is more than just a cash in like many might say, itís a chance for the fans to show their support for what the franchise was, and should still be, all about. Think of it like this, if Remake HD sells well then Capcom is likely to rethink their approach with the franchise. I almost did a double take when I realized that not only has it been over 10 years since Remake was first released, but again when I realized that Iíve been a fan for more than 15 years, nearly 20. There are many people that have never experienced some of the best of what is arguably the most influential survival horror series the genre has, and this is a great opportunity for those people to do so.

Resident Evil Revelations was a step in the right direction, Revelations 2 looks like another step in the right direction as well, but if we want the series to truly return to horror we need to support it, buy Resident Evil Remake HD, even if you have any other version, this is how we can get Capcom to deliverÖ or since theyíve been outsourcing development on other series(Devil May Cry), they could just have the series creator at Tango Gameworks make the next entry in the seriesÖ Weíll see how Resident Evil 7 turns out!

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EmP EmP - January 11, 2015 (06:22 AM)
There's something to that, I'd agree. I think the absolute mess that Res6 turned out to be is proof that they've moored the ship in their efforts to remain relevant to a wider audience. On the other hand, I replayed Res1 a few years back and to say it failed to hold up is a massive understatement. As such, I'm still undecided whether or not to jump in the remake.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - January 11, 2015 (12:27 PM)
The remake is way better than the original. It's almost like a different game, so it's worth checking out even if you already played the original.

I don't think Resident Evil will ever recapture its former glory. That franchise is simply past its prime, and the people who made it what it was have long left Capcom.
TomatoMan TomatoMan - January 12, 2015 (02:31 PM)
You both make some valid points and I agree with most of them. RE6 was also another attempt at taking the series into the action genre, 3/4 of the game was not that enjoyable for that reason. RE1 on PSX doesn't hold up as well as I'd like, but REmake is what they wanted to original to be, stuff that was cut was worked in and a few other aspects were included to deepen the plot and lore, REmake is simply one of the best horror games there is.

The series is past it's prime and will not likely return to the glory it once held, but I have faith that they can at least make good horror games again, they make a few good steps here and there, but now they need to make the leap! I almost hate to say give RE2 the same kind of complete overhaul that RE1 got, but if you have a team to this, they will likely take in at least some of what made that game feel so good and work so well, and hopefully work out some of the wrongs that would likely be present in the next entry in the series.

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