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Suskie Susquatch

Title: BioShock 2.
Posted: February 15, 2010 (12:42 PM)
I realize this puts me squarely in the minority, but so far I'm liking this a lot better than the first one. The fact that you can finally turn off those stupid fucking vita chambers that made the first game insultingly easy is enough of a step in the right direction, and can dual wield weapons and plasmids (rather than juggle between the two) which has made the combat a lot more intuitive.

I'm only a couple of hours in, and it's still not great (it still moves at that plodding pace), but it's holding my attention more than the first one did. I shall continue playing.

Also: I really wanted to hate Dante's Inferno, but the combat's actually pretty fun. Awful story and some instances of incredibly tedious level design, but as a straight-up action game it's actually not bad.

Update: Okay, it's still better, but this game's pacing really sucks. How many times is this fucking train going to stop for some stupid, arbitrary reason?

nashUser: nash
Posted: February 19, 2010 (03:02 PM)
I think they added it later, but you can turn the vita chambers off in Bioshock. It really makes no difference between not using them and disabling them, though.

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